Cyber Terrorism and Crime


What is currently being done to investigate and prevent cyber terrorism?

Cyber terrorism is a criminal offense where one uses the internet to attack computer programs, computer systems, computer data and other computer information to cause violence, threaten individuals, religions and ethnicities. Cybercrimes are online criminal activities where an individual or a group of people use electronic communication networks and information systems to commit attacks such as online fraud, forgery, illegal online content and attack against information systems (Lewis, 2002). There are various methods designed to mitigate cyber terrorism to safeguard information and digital assets. This paper explains what is currently being done to investigate and prevent cyber terrorism.

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Most of the firms in the current world are ensuring that the computer systems with software and hardware are secured against external intrusion. These systems are secured to detect and respond to external intrusions (Denning, 2001). To add on that, organizations are forming partnerships with defensive organizations such as FBI to keep up with defensive mechanisms and threats (Taylor, Fritsch & Liederbach, 2014).

Firms are being trained on how to deal with messages and attachments from unknown sources. This has created the need for updating the employees about new threats which are circulated through the internet (Denning, 2001). There should be routine security service to detect invasion in the network or system.

Comparative analysis of cyber terrorism and cybercrime

cyber terrorismCybercrime
Uses simple, advanced and sophisticated   tools are used to infiltrate computer systems.Simple and advanced tools are used to commit attacks..
Complex cyber terrorism attacks that are well coordinated have a large scale impact and can be felt by the whole country.Complex attacks effect are felt by individuals or a company.
Hackers in cyber terrorism intend to fulfill political achievements and be felt by many people.Hackers commit attacks for fun, individual success and financial gains.
Endanger the lives of people that are being targeted.No serious endangerment of the lives of the persons being targeted.


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