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The trend and meaning

Most people have believed that Virtual Reality (VR) is only useful when it comes to video games (Teo et al., 2017). Well, in light of upcoming changes they are in for a surprise. In the arena of analytics, VR has found a new use. According to Bastug et al. (2017), researchers in Big Data are hoping that VR technologies will aid in exploring new ways for visualisation and analysis of intricate and vibrant data sets. For modern industries, this means good news. The application of VR in the arena of analytics will alter both how organizations interact with data and come up with decisions that change business operations across industries.

Implications across various organizational contexts

The major impact across various organizational contexts is that firms will be able to deal with the challenge of extracting data in a manner comprehensible to human minds. Although this has been a major challenge, the suggested use of VR in analytics will help solve this problem by creating immersive environments that help adapt information to human subconscious processes (Teo et al., 2017). In particular, this impact will affect firms dealing with power supply helping understand the causes of failures and predict future failures of their power grids. This is because big screens will be used to create an immersive milieu using Smartphones. This means that this impact will only work through a technology that is underway to create a matrix of connections for data visualization, sharing and integration (Chen, Chiang & Storey, 2012).

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Change strategies

One of the change strategies necessary for organizing analytical resources to address the trend is an investment in engineering applications related to prototyping. Bastug et al. (2017) suggest firms that intend to ride on the wings of the maturity of this trend should invest fiscal resources on the acquisition engineering applications. These will act as the building block as well as prototypes for evaluation of the actual performance of the anticipated analytical designs (Teo et al., 2017). Just like architects, this change strategy will help organizations interact with usability of the new big data model and adjust their designs before engaging actual use.

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