Effective communication

Subject: Personal Experience
Type: Persuasive Essay
Pages: 1
Word count: 287
Topics: Communication, Ethos, Pathos, Personal Philosophy

With the urge to better my writing skills in professional, personal and academic situations I have identified three aspects of my writing skills that I ought to work on. In the past, I have had challenges in grammar correctness, clarity in communication, and choice of style though not so pronounced. The three have constantly hampered my urge to communicate better. Challenges in correctness such as rules of spelling grammar and punctuation have led to my target audience misunderstanding the intended information (Leech & Svartvik, 2013).

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Poor punctuation in my grammar has also constantly led readers of my work to confusion. In addition to this, my choice of style has also been a challenge, my sentences have been too wordy and too complex overuse of passive voice has also led to ineffective communication to my audience (Azar & Matthies, 1992). Clarity dictates that one is clear accurate and specific all through, this has been a hard goal to achieve in my grammar. Moving forward I have intensified my reading habits; I will also be participating in spelling challenges and grammar exercises.

In my persuasive essay, I would like to tackle the problem of simple waste management behavior. While there exist trash bins all over in my area of residence, people have continued to mismanage their waste by dropping the same around or further still piling it up on already filled bins. While I intend to solve this problem I am well aware of the grammar challenges I will face. While persuading my audience, I will require a perfect approach applying the persuasive strategies and rhetorical appeals; pathos, logos, and ethos (Demirdöğen, 2010). I will also be keen to overcome grammatical errors, punctuation errors and clarity issues.

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