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Entertainment and its various modes have been changing over the years reflecting the cultures, the times, as well as the practices and norms of the people from different regions. Before the modern age electronics, people found simple ways of entertainment, which included activities such as knitting, reading books, horse riding, attending the circus among other forms of entertainment. Advancements in technology have however transformed the way people experience entertainment due to the introduction of various electronics.  These include gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, Video games, laptops among others. These modern electronics have played a major role in influencing entertained by providing easy access to music, movies games, and other forms of entertainment.

Electronic gadgets such as smartphones and tablets provide a more creative and easy ways of entertainment. According to DeLeo (2008), companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Apple, and others have designed electronic gadgets that allow users to play video games and compete with friends and other players around the globe. While some people might argue that video games are violent and addictive, some studies have shown that this modern form of entertainment can be effective to child development, improve one’s ability to concentrate as well as an increase in observation skills. 

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Gadgets such as tablets, portable music players, and mobile phones provide electronic entertainment to the users by allowing them to access music online.  According to DeLeo, in the modern age, portable music players such as Microsoft Zune and Apple iPod touch have refined the access to music entertainment. These devices allow the users to listen and access multiple music files online as well as store gigabytes of music files on the devices. Additionally, with these devices, users have also an opportunity to stream videos online, purchase and share music files with friends all, which are effective methods of entertainment. 

Mobile devices have also transformed the way people in the modern age consume and experience leisure and entertainment. According to White Hutchinson (2013), in the past entertainment experiences were only lived in the moment they happened and in some cases, analog old-fashioned photographs were used to capture and share these moments. However today this has changed due to the introduction of electronic gadgets that allow mobile and internet connectivity. With smartphones, digital cameras, as well as tablets, users are guaranteed electronic entertainment through sharing of pictures, videos, music files among others. These devices deliver entertainment in the form of social content and thereby transforming the way people experience and share social activities. Today, electronic entertainment is facilitated by these devices through the access to social media platforms where people can share, express their views, and download multiple forms of media all for entertainment.  According to Rocco (2013), new features on modern devices make it possible for the user to pull up a favorite photo album, access to the latest movie, or music album at a click of a button. For instance, with applications such as Spotify, users have free access to millions of music files, as well as an opportunity to create a collection of a playlist so that one has access to music that fits any event or occasion. 

In conclusion, it is evident that technology has improved the way people experience electronic entertainment in the modern age. Through portable music players, smartphones, tablets and new features in these gadgets, users have access to music, video games, music videos, movies, social content, and photo albums among other forms of entertainment. In brief, modern electronics have played a major role in influencing entertained by providing easy access different forms of entertainment.  

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