Elon Musk as a Role Model

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Elon Musk represents one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. He runs Space X, Open AI, Neuralink, Tesla, Twitter, and Boring Company. Musk grew up in South Africa but ventured into several businesses stationed in the United States. Musk has a huge following ranging from business executives to information technology (IT) experts. His success makes Musk an inspiring public figure to young experts venturing into technology. Many young people look up to Musk for inspiration regarding where the world should technologically head. Musk represents the best example of an innovator. He inspires business management experts to take calculated risks, improve product quality, communicate with customers, and get the right people on board.

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His appetite for risk makes Musk a perfect role model for upcoming business management experts. A business executive must make tough decisions to maximize benefits for an organization (Phillips & Pohl, 2022). Certain business managers like taking risks. Other managers hope for stable working conditions. The business executive has to hope for better results than staying in a stable environment. Musk risked his possessions, time, money, and health to turn his vision into a reality. In 2008, Musk risked his money to buy out struggling technology businesses Space X and Tesla. He operated the two companies creating value for other shareholders over time. Musk’s risk tolerance seems admirable for upcoming business managers.

Product Quality

A good role model in business management must embrace quality production to disrupt the status quo of a given industry. Musk does not like how other managers feel comfortable in the business environment (Muegge & Reid, 2019). Musk has brought quality to many sectors. Space X represents a unique company that sends rockets into space for environmental exploration rather than kinetic wars. Tesla represents another company producing quality electric cars reducing carbon footprint in the environment. The Boring Company improves the quality of underground tunnels and infrastructure for public transportation. Every company run by Musk improved the quality of operations and products in the target industry. So, Musk influences young entrepreneurs to bring quality to their respective industries.

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Musk’s focus on quality control explains why his brands have high market value. Quality control refers to the frequency of testing, measuring, and reviewing products before they get into the market (Khan, 2021). In 2018, customers criticized fit-and-finish problems on Tesla Model 3. Musk immediately responded to such criticism by inviting quality control experts to test the electric car launched by Tesla. Musk advised the production engineers at Tesla to iron out the loose panels and patchy painting. Quality improvements on Tesla Model 3 made it one of the best-selling electric cars earning the company $4.069 billion in 2019. Musk inspires young business managers to crosscheck product quality before pitching them in the market.

Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills have helped Musk succeed in different industries. Public figures should avoid posting vague comments to gain online followers and likes (Corte, 2020). Musk rarely shies from podcasts, public interviews, television broadcasts, and social media platforms. Musk appreciates direct interaction with customers via Twitter and his company websites. Musk’s daily tweets update customers about the progress made by his different companies. Upcoming business executives can pick such a lesson by using social media to communicate with customers. Instead, social media platforms enable business managers to reach out to many customers creating positive public relations for their companies. A role model like Musk inspires business managers to communicate with customers.

Communication with colleagues and industry stakeholder enables Musk to get expert opinions about current issues. Business executives should always use the most available communication channels to relay information (Waters & D’Urso, 2021). Musk’s leaked email included a two-sentence instruction reminding employees at Tesla to use the shortest communication path. Musk constantly engages other professionals on sensitive ideas instead of seeking an audience with the public. The email implied that employees should use short information routes to communicate with their partners rather than depending on a chain of command. Relaying information in such an instance facilitates instant communication and reduces bureaucracy in the workplace.

Getting Right People on Board

Having the right people on board encourages team collaboration and improves workplace productivity. A good manager should believe in outsourcing knowledge and skills from industry experts (Jacobs, 2021). Musk faces the challenge of running his multiple companies in sequence. Instead, he relies on other business executives to make the right choices and operations in his companies. A role model should teach followers how to delegate functions and outsource operations. Bringing other people on board saves Musk a lot of time as he focuses on other ventures. Multiple business management assignments do not discourage Musk from realizing experts who can add value to his companies.

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In conclusion, Musk represents my best role model due to his unique qualities in running business management operations. I find risk-takers very adorable because they encourage upcoming business executives to make tough choices hoping for maximum benefits. I also like how Musk prioritizes quality over revenues when selling products in the market. In this instance, Musk runs companies that produce quality products in different industries. Finally, Musk reminds business executives to adopt efficient communication tools to keep in touch with customers and work colleagues. I would recommend my colleagues embrace Musk’s corporate profile because he inspires teamwork in the workplace. Emulating Musk’s qualities will make me a successful, likable, and wealthy business manager.

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