Embracing Evidence-Based Practices in Nursing

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Evidence-based practice (EBP) has been applied in nursing with the aim of using the latest protocols based on research to administer the best quality of care to the patients. For this system of care to be fully absorbed into the nursing industry, however, efforts must be made to get rid of the traditional approaches to care delivery with preference to evidence-based practice (DiCenso, Guyatt & Ciliska, 2014). The main issue for the organization I work for in addressing a solution to evidence-based nursing practice is ensuring that the nurses are well conversant with the concepts and influencing a smooth change among them. This post addresses how the concept of evidence-based nursing practice can be introduced to the nursing fraternity and how the transition to using this type of practice can be made smoothly. 

Evidence-based Practice Concept

Since the nursing profession continues to advance, the educational focus has also been noted to advance in an evolving manner with one of the most significant trends being the focus on research-based protocols in caring for patients (EBP). Nurses, therefore, need to understand the process of using EBP especially considering that it has already been proven to enhance the quality of clinical outcomes among patients (DiCenso, Guyatt & Ciliska, 2014). The nurses in the organization need to understand that EBP is concerned with addressing clinical issues by a critical examination of possible practice changes. As such, EBP lays a strong emphasis on problem-solving skills, clinical judgment and the utilization of research-based evidence to support clinical decisions (Ellis, 2016). These are aspects that the nurse cannot do without, and understanding these concepts would be the first step in influencing a shift to EBP among nurses in the organization. 

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It is not an easy task to champion nurses to shift from their traditional practice to the newly proposed EBP in addressing patient problems. However, explaining the concepts and benefits of using EBP to the nurses through their nurse leaders would be a good step in implementing the change (Ellis, 2016). These EBP concepts can be included in continuing professional development for all nurses to understand the need for the shift from traditional practice to EBP. 


It is clear from this post that the main issue in the organization is ensuring that the nurses are conversant with the concept of EBP. Without this concept, the nurses may seem to elicit resistance to change in favor of their traditional practice. However, including the concepts of EBP in continuing professional development can increase the chances of responding positively to the proposed change.  

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