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Clean, renewable energy is a leading frontier in combating global change. The role of energy and environmental technology is to reduce energy consumption and provide clean, sustainable energy.  Energy and environmental focus on three different concepts such as the design of the empirical relationship between environmental policy and innovation policies, systems created to enable energy changes. Understanding Energy and Environmental Technology is a fundamental factor in combating the ever escalating global carbon emission and reducing the pollution that affects global warming significantly. This research paper explains the role of energy and environmental technology in harnessing newer approaches to creating a sustainable environment through promoting innovations.

Environmental policies enable the organization to create newer policies and constraints that affect the policies of technological change. The effects of energy and environmental change have an induced implication on the growth and development of better society. There is a quantitative cost-benefit approach of which we embrace to achieve a clean, renewable society. Furthermore, there is a broader context analysis of energy and technological advancement. Using innovative technology in the energy sector can reduce the cost incurred in generating renewable energy reducing an adverse change of global warming. Over the coming decades, the world will make some energy transformation in how energy is utilized and produced in the energy sector. Adoption of energy and innovative technological policies plays a significant role in the enhancement of newer approaches to economic development. Talks between nations have been held in the past over the issue of climate but some of the resolutions and policies made are yet to be implemented.

Creation of Innovative Policies in Energy and Environmental Sector that enables attainment of sustainable society

Human lifestyle is sustained through consumption and use of energy in the society. Energy accounts for nearly three-quarter of all our daily operations.  Evidently, the energy sector determines our day-to-day operation and significantly influence the operations we undertake to sustain our lives. The society has evolved from one energy form such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, the wind, nuclear with each advancement aimed towards improving the power consumption and attaining a better energy use in the society. Furthermore, better energy technologies policies are an important factor in achieving the societal goal of affordability, sustainability and reducing pollution within the community. Through innovations systems, the environment becomes aligned to efficient use of energy in enhancing energy security. Creation of better energy solutions to sustain human consumption is key to conservation of energy.

Benefits of Energy and Environmental Technology in enhancing societal development

The benefits of energy technology occur throughout the lifecycle of an interconnected chain of energy suppliers and consumers. Through advance policies, the society will realize the benefits of enhanced energy and environmental technology in the society. Realization of a better society is influenced through implementing the optimum of green energy. Adoption of renewable energy reduces the effect of global warming that affects the economic structure of the world. Using clean technology in harnessing energy market through regulation and market transformation

To achieve energy and environmental transformation. The society should use low carbon emissions driven through quota driven systems to enable them to make a sustainable community. Authorities need to thoroughly regulate the carbon emissions by enhancing solutions that get them achieve a better clean society. Furthermore, an Innovative business model is a critical parameter in instigating a change in the advancement of environmental and technological development. Besides, alternative policy structure should be adopted to reduce the stimulus influence of low carbon investments. An increase in carbon prices shifts industries to source for a better energy and environmental, technological approach.

To achieve a better environment. The society should be driven towards reducing adverse coal and carbon emissions thus reducing pollution effects in the community. The relevant authorities should design framework castigated towards achieving better technological advancement and reduce effects of global warming. Government policies should allow substitution of harzadous material and harmful substances by new technologies because improved innovation helps improve environmental problems. There is rapid growth of cities especially in developing countries hence development of vast infrastructure. The developing countries and Asian countries especially China, should adopt to environment friendly technology used in construction and development.

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