Energy Drinks on Athletes

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Consumption of energy drinks among athletes is known to come with certain side effects on their overall performance. It is because such drinks are linked to improved performance. However, there are instances where the drinks are mixed with other banned ingredients that endanger the athlete’s professional integrity as the paper will demonstrate. 

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Literature Review

In an article published by The Sport Journal, Russ Paddock argues that it is imperative to outline some of the dangers of mixing energy drinks to enhance among athletes. It is because it has long-term implications that entail health risk. Such risks comprise high heart rate and being diuretic which is not good for an athlete. Overall, the double diuretic effect means most athletes will always suffer the effects of extreme hydration, which is got good for performance. 

It is the same concern Natalie Johnson explores by highlighting the impact of the media in popularizing some these energy drinks. Her article cautions on the dangers of taking such drinks because of reported cases of either injuries or even death. In other words, she advocates for moderation instead of overdoing the drinks since they will affect the consumer negatively. 

Alternatively, emphasis on boosting of energy from such drinks when laced with other ingredients is the main objective of Leslie Bonci’s article. Interestingly, she advocates for industry regulations through limited accessibility of certain caffeine and stimulant products for athletes. 


The study hopes to understand the long-term effects of energy drinks on athletes when they are not taken in moderation. It will also attempt to examine the direct link between motivation to consume the drinks and performance for the athletes to use such products. 

Research Question

Who is to blame for the rise of energy drinks and their effects on athletes?


The paper will use the qualitative method by interviewing athletes, coaches, and fans on the effects. I will also read literature related to the topic from various sources. 


For each article, the end result was energy drinks when not used in moderation have a side effect on the athlete and should be disallowed. 

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