Environmental Analysis and Setting Strategic Goals 

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An environmental analysis is an important tool that plays a critical role in assessing the possible external threats and opportunities in any organization that may affect its success in the future. It is significantly used to direct the strategic plan of an organization as it helps to identify the internal and the external elements in the organization that are likely to affect its performance (Helms & Nixon, 2010). By focusing on the outside factors such as the technical, social, economic, and political factors that impact on the performance of an organization, an environmental analysis helps in the development of a strategic plan. This helps to set specific goals for the organization by focusing on opportunities. The external environment encompasses the operating environment and the general environment. The operating environment encompasses the market intermediaries, customers, suppliers, public, and competitors. 

On the other hand, the general environment is the demographic, natural, technological, cultural, political, and economic environment in which the organization operates. It is important to note that an environmental analysis is a fundamental tool in the strategic planning process as it guides the organization in its competitive analysis (Helms & Nixon, 2010). Importantly, it is where a successful organization derives its internal environment which includes policies, operations, technologies, financial resources, and human resources. As such, it intends to guide the organization in identifying the particular aspects of operating and general environment that potentially influence its operations (Reynolds, 2001). This is by identifying threats and opportunities in environment of organization in terms of its weaknesses and strengths. 

The Aging Community Care Living Center (ACC) is aimed at expanding its facility to support more patients and create room for their events and programs. The mission of the Aging Living Facility is to change the lives of the senior population with a new direction and environment. This is aimed at extending and expanding the services of the facility for the aging population so as to give them quality health care life change to promote their happiness. ACC has a well structured mission and vision statements which act as its guiding compass in offering services to the elderly. It has a motivation for the elderly which sharpens its focus on renovating the nursing facility to promote expand their services in healthcare delivery to them. Importantly, adding more staff to the Aging Living Facility with the aim of assisting more patients shows that the strategic plan is goal-based. This also shows that it is easy to achieve the goals of the strategic plan since they are clear and there is motivation to achieve them.

The facility has also identified that staff shortage affects healthcare delivery. This is a threat to the facility as it can hinder its delivery of health services to the elderly. However, increasing staff would help to get the quality of care close to the patients. On the other hand, the facility has been able to identify that there is an opportunity in improving the performance of many roles to cover the needs of services to the patients. Therefore, it is important to identify that the Aging Living Facility has identified the external and internal elements in its environment and structured them in its strategic plan. 

The organizational structure of the facility is thus configured in achieving objectives and goals. This is based on getting close to the healthcare needs of the patients by handling budget planning, challenges of getting change, preparing goals, a chart of the presented items, cost estimates, and the estimated total costs. The leadership of the facility has also helped in configuring the external and internal environmental factors with its strategic plan by ensuring that everyone follows plans and goals to foster the success of the program.  

The Aging Community Living Center is driven by the primary goal of improving health care service delivery to the aging population. Within five years of operation, the facility aims to create change that will be helpful to the patients in the facility and the community. This will help to support the activities that in the value chain of the facility. The Aging Facility will also aim to renovate and expand its facility so as to create room for ore events and programs for the patients. It is also necessary to have a twenty-four hour service delivery to ensure that the services brings quality care close to the patients all the time to promote their happiness and health living. 

The purpose of the facility is to get close to the community by setting a locally based health care facility. This will help to make and reconstruct the Aging Nursing Facility in better condition and a supportive environment where the patients could experience nourishing of the body, spirit, and mind. This will also be aimed at supporting the facility with events, programs, and activities for the residents to give happiness to the elderly. Technology will also be improved at the facility as an important aspect of supporting the staff in updating information. This will helps to provide the significant change in expanding the services to more patients. The aim here is to always be ready for improvement by considering competition and to reach larger groups. 

Expanding the facility is a major goal of Aging Facility. This is aimed at expanding services and programs to include the increased involvement of patients. Improving the involvement of patients in care delivery will be expanded by involving them in physical fitness and outdoor activities. This will include getting more staff to help bring quality clinical services close to the patients and to get more elderly population from the community by marketing the facility to the community. 

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