Ergonomics in Human Vehicles for Female

Subject: Gender Studies
Type: Informative Essay
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Topics: Gender Inequality, Gender Identity

Ergonomics (or human factors) is a science concentrated on the study of human fit, and declined weariness and discomfort through product design (Manel 2008, p. 5). Ergonomics applied in human vehicles, especially for females requires automotive industry to take into consideration how the vehicles the firms design fit the people who are using them. For females, several human factors are put into account when designing a vehicle for them such as age. This is because as one ages, anthropometric, sensory, and cognitive changes occur.

For the design given –ergonomics in human vehicles (females) -Realistic Anthropological Mathematical System for Interior Comfort Simulation; German Model (RAMSIS) is the best solution for the ergonomic design of a car interior, especially for females. This is the best ergonomic tool mainly to the increased decline in product development time spans (Manel 2008, p. 7). RAMSIS is a CAD manikin which helps analyze the interior of the car. This includes the driver and passenger areas (Manel 2008, p. 9). 

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After successfully placing RAMSIS in the vehicle, the user is able to choose from different analysis functions like simulation of posture –contingent maximum available space, calculation of space and room she needs (this helps with the weight, length, and height), and indirect manikin view. With these analytical functions, the user is able to have an insight about the ergonomics of the product and the core aspects of the design.

Based on the analysis of the research status and significance of ergonomics experiments, it is easy to create an integrative car ergonomics experiment platform to design the appropriate experiments (Quan et al. 2005, p. 10). One can divide this platform into a simulation drive area, automotive human-machine system function test area, and virtual design area (based on a real or factual vehicle). Afterwards, it becomes easy to develop some significant research and experiments on automotive ergonomics like interface evaluation and human machine simulation

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