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At the age of 14 years old, the school and my family played an essential role in shaping my development.  My father used to institute critical responsibilities and values, and at my young age, I knew my duties.  My parents practiced strict respect and discipline for every person despite the color, religious background or financial status. Obedience was the first thing I learned from my family.  Through the relationship within, I continually learned ideas about family values and religious values which are essential for the transformation from childhood to adulthood. In school, I was able to determine how I should interact with other students. Being a Muslim, I came to learn how to coexist peacefully with other students from distinct religions.  Also, the teachers influenced me positively through teaching me about the critical things in life, for instance, English and Mathematics. The school system assisted in learning about discipline in simple parts such as punctuality and completing any assigned work in time. My surrounding community affected my life as it helped me in getting through racism by supporting me to interact with different people from different races.


My parents interacted with my peers by instilling the essential values as they corrected them whenever they went wrong.  Besides, my parents were part of the school committee which was involved in the setting of the school’s regulations. My parents would consistently consult my teachers about my behaviors in school, and they could correct me whenever I went wrong.  When my teachers gave me homework, I would ask for guidance from my parents to help me solve the schoolwork. My parent would also encourage me to put more efforts to attain better results in the class. In my life, friends have played a critical role; for instance, when I joined the university, I was faced with the difficulty with orientation, but my friends helped me to settle and understand the full set of the university. Therefore, I was incorporated into university system by most of my friends. Furthermore, my neighborhood greatly influenced my personal development since my community lives harmoniously with each other and it makes sure that each person takes the responsibility of observing the welfare of the rest.


The ecosystem component is made up of social setting that is beyond the individual’s immediate experience but affects them in the end.  Additionally, Exosystem is made up of various institutions, for instance, working place of the parents, the government and the community.  In my early years, my father worked as a pilot, hence as away from home in most cases. His absenteeism affected me in that I became too attached to my mother.  The situation gradually changed after my father created more time during his vacation which he spent with the family which allowed me to have ample time with him. The government has affected my development by ensuring that there is the formation of political stability and has provided social amenities which are essential for my development and growth such as hospitals.


Macrosystem is another component which makes up the ecological approach also known as the master approach to the society. Macrosystem component consists of the cultural beliefs, policies, and customs found within a given community (Vélez-Agosto et al., 2017). These systems dictate the cultural values which affect the growth of a given person. Muslim is my religion which teaches about compassion and love, and I have learned always to make use of these values everywhere I go.  I have been shown and brought up knowing that I must respect individuals and love them under no specific condition as expected in the Muslim religion. As a result, I am bound to observe all religious practices which a Muslim must incorporate into their life.


Chronosystem is the other component of the ecological approach. The ecosystem involves psychological development and growth and socio-historical changes experienced by an individual.  Personally, chronosystem component includes what I have experienced or learned in events that have taken place from the time I was an infant. After completing high school, my family relocated to Portland which became much challenging in that I met new people as I left all my friends behind. These cumulative experiences and transitions are excellent examples of the Bronfenbrenner’s Chronosystem approach.

Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory

According to Kozulin, (2003), Vygotsky’s social, cultural theory suggests that adults have the responsibility of helping children to attain healthy cognitive development. My caregivers used to support me in everything I required to achieve high cognitive levels. The high cognitive levels involved learning various skills that affected daily life and the relations between the family and other members of the society.  In my childhood, the caregivers helped me to develop cognitive values through allowing me to do things for my own instead of them doing for me.

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