Geographic Information System

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A Geographic Information System (GIS) denotes an organized connection that comprises an extensive database of geographic data, different computer hardware, software, as well as qualified personnel responsible for accessing and manipulating the data. The personnel is also responsible for capturing, storing, updating, analyzing, as well as displaying various forms of geographically referenced information. A GIS has a large database that allows users to establish links between spatial data and geographic information regarding specific features identified on a map (Volusia County Florida, 2014). It is possible to generate critical information regarding locations or places using the database. It is possible to create associations of information and features on a map using a contemporary GIS. Users of such systems seek to establish relationships by utilizing the database to determine the most desirable sites for development or the most viable locations for different facilities. 

Learning about geographical information systems has helped to identify some of its intriguing uses. It is possible to rely on the GIS to identify existing trends of locations identified on a map. The database contains critical information that can help in comparing the changes that a location has registered over time. Moreover, it is interesting to note that a GIS can help in identifying spatial patterns. Specifically, the identification of spatial patterns applies to different fields and helps in critical decision-making. It is evident that GISs are of critical importance in understanding environmental trends, and patterns using features on the map (DeMers, 2009). Moreover, the GISs serve as important analytical tools that can help experts to identify viable locations for different purposes. The modern uses of GISs are likely to register an impact in different fields of application.

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