Globalization and the spread of English

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The use of English as a language of communication has led to global interaction, which allows people to engage in various activities as a community. The world has created a global space of sharing matters related to politics, trade and social issues including the spread of religious doctrines. Similarly, various studies indicate the development of English in different fields, which include applied linguistics as well as sociolinguistics. However, there is little regards from the researchers of the cultural and media globalization, who make very limited mention of the use of English in global connection. The aim of this paper is to indicate the relationship of English and globalization and the way they influence each other. The target audiences in this analysis include linguistics students and linguistic lovers who would apply some of the applied skills herein in their quest to understand the development of English as an international language. This study intends to highlight some of the important concepts in the application of English in different respects to inform the readers about the practical use of English in various fields.

Thesis Statement

The growth of English is an essential tool in the societal growth in regards to economic, social and political developments and unity, which are very critical in the twenty-first century.

Significance and Objective of the Study

This study delves in investigating the importance of English language in various respects. In doing so, the intention is to address the audiences with the historical understanding of the language alongside its hegemony. The objective is sought to inform the readers that despite various critics about the growth of it as a language of communication among the diverse communities, it remains economically viable to support various individuals as well as the countries that use of for economic development. This study similarly informs the readers about its essential contribution in the realms of political unity, social integrations and economic development of the world (Blair 2012, 11). As a result, this study is significantly important in addressing different issues that the readers regarding the growth of English language in various parts of the world. Even though there is little regards from the researchers of the cultural and media globalization by making very limited mention of the use of it in global connection, it remains a paramount language helps various countries and individuals to develop in different respects.

Research Methodology

This study employs the qualitative approach in presenting the different ideas. It depends entirely on the existing pieces of literature to influence the thoughts and findings presented. In this precept, all the ideas borrowed from other scholars are well acknowledged and appropriately referenced in tandem with the professional requirement that stands against any form of plagiarism. Fundamentally, the growth of English is appreciated in this analysis to inform the audiences with respect to the significance of English language in the global sphere.

How English Features In the Politics of Communities around the World

It is imperative to understand the chronology of English and its application in the political realm. According to the existing information, the language among the West Germanic communities, something that was influenced by the Anglo-Frisian parlances, more so during the Germanic invasion of Britain (Burnley 2014, 13). One of the later great spreaders of English language includes the Great Britain that through her colonial movements. For instance, the British administrators in the United States of America during the colonial regime used English as a language of instruction. It does not imply that they were the first to introduce the language in the region, but using it in the colonial administration was a great thing in regards to its expansion. Moreover, the colonization of the African countries, as well as some Asian nations by the British imperial power, similarly played a pivotal role in spreading English to other parts of the world.

On the other hand, various countries use it as an important language of political communication. In the United States of America, it remains the language of campaigns and government administration. The same is applicable in the United Kingdom of Britain, where the people seeking for political election rely on English as the language of wooing the voters to support them (Blair 2012, 9). In some parts of African countries that were colonized by the English-speaking powers, they similarly developed it as the legal language of initiating and conducting business in their legislative functions. Furthermore, there is an increased need for integrations and bilateral relationships among the various governments, more so due to the need of the world trade and other political ties. As a result, English has become a very popular language in political functions. Therefore, this analysis is inherently relevant in addressing the spread of English in various spheres of human life.

English as a Positive Resource

English as a language has become a crucial resource in connecting people from different parts of the world for plausible benefits. Due to the outright growth of technology and internet, people from various regions of the world have relied on the internet for communication. For instance, different businesses are propelled through online platforms, which are primarily favored by the use of English. In fact, according to the research by British Council (2013 pp. 2), it remains the leading dialect in the world compared to other languages. The world leaders to influence the globe to participate in various important activities like environmental protection and the global unity has equally used it. Even though other thinkers argue that Latin is equally an important language, English is favored ostensibly as the most influential language.

Due to the global need of doing business, many people are getting more interested in learning English in order to participate in the world’s opportunities offered by the outburst of technology. As a result, various universities in the world are availably providing opportunities to the international students from different countries (Lin 2013, 16). In fact, the United States of America, as well as the United kingdom of Britain, have seen an admission of a higher number of international students who are brought together to study different professions, which are transmitted through the use of English language. Even though it has to survive among other languages, English has received immeasurable recognition and attention in the world. In some countries, it is recognized as the official language in the workplace. For example, even though Swedish is the standard language in Sweden, various companies use English as the primary language of communication in their workplaces. Therefore, it remains a valuable resource in different realms of the societal growth.

The Hegemony of English

As has been mentioned in this analysis, English has grown to be a favorite language compared to other languages. This has made it an official language to reckon with for various functions and activities. Furthermore, it has remained a language of the global modernity. However, there are other skeptic thoughts, which disregard English as an artifact of imperial dominion (Howson 2013, 2014). On the other hand, some scholars oppose such positions and maintain that the growth of English is a basic recipe for globalization, and thus its predominance is not deplorable at all. Something that is worth appreciating is that English has supported the growth of interaction among the people who come from different cultures. As a matter of fact, every country or rather a particular community has an original language, say Japanese in Japan, but this does not imply that the rising use of English is becoming a discrimination to the native lingua-franca. However, it remains a real dimension in ensuring that all the people are brought together in a common horizon of association in various respects. As explicated herein, the imperial movements that existed in different parts of Africa during the early periods of the twentieth century played a greater part in spreading the English language. This was later impounded by the essential need for the global trade, which necessitated the use of a common language. Therefore, English remains a dominant language in various parts of the world for political, social and economic functions.

Evaluation of the Benefits and Costs of English in the Twenty-First Century, Including Effects of the ‘Ownership’ Of English

According to research, English is a language used by close to 1.8 billion people worldwide. It is anticipated that the rapid growth of English would continue to widen, which is so necessary for economic growth in various countries. In the United kingdom of Britain, it has remained a tool or economic attainment, since the growing urge to develop English among the communities that do not use it. As has been highlighted in this study, the United Kingdom of Britain, as well as the United States of America among the countries, is enrolling international students who seek to undertake different professions offered in English. As a result, Britain earns close to $2 billion annually regarding revenue (Lin 2013, 11). The tuition fees and accommodation for the international students is a greater contribution to the country’s economic growth. Objectively, the good command of English among various individuals in different countries have helped them to earn more excellent business tenders which mostly, and prospectively, makes them make the good living from them. Today, there are a lot of freelancing businesses online for the fresh graduates that are able to interact with different clients who seek their services, such as the creation of websites that has helped in bridging the unemployment gaps among the smart youths. Therefore, English as a language is economically viable to help in developing different individuals as well as nations.

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The understanding of the spread of English across the globe is essential to inform the audiences of this paper to appreciate its political, economic and social significance. The relationship between English and globalization is the important component of this study, and more so in the way, they influence each other. Likewise, it has remained a language of the global modernity, although there are other skeptic thoughts, which disregard English as an artifact of imperial dominion. English remains the language of campaigns and government administration in different countries like the Great Britain as well as the United States of America. Due to an increased need for integrations and bilateral relationships among the various governments, English as a language is receiving unimaginable recognition in most countries. Other companies have adopted it as an official language of communication even if their local languages are not English. It has remained a tool or economic attainment in Britain since the growing urge to develop English among the communities that do not use it, which influence them to take studies abroad.

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