Health Promotion

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Health promotion is important because it enhances the quality of life for individuals across the world.  Health promotion targets to establish a set of actions to foster good health and improve the quality of life for all people. Community health care department focuses on implementing a comprehensive health care reform to improve health, educate the public on healthy behavior and prevent diseases. The community health care nurses can establish actions to inform people of what they could do to stay healthy. Informing the community on the possible measures to keep them healthy seeks to address the gaps in services identified in the community. Public health care providers can provide information and scientific support on communicable and infectious diseases by educating the community. The educational plan will build capacity within the community to identify and address health promotional priorities. The advancement of educational health programs will offer the community increased opportunities to enhance health and well-being. 

Healthy People 2020 Educational Objective

The healthy people educational objective targets to create a useful and competent usage of resources to encourage community health. The educational program reaches people outside of traditional health care communities. The initiative will condense the cost burden inferential of chronic illnesses, hence achieving a healthy people 2020. The educational objective will ensure that the community gets formal education on measures to prevent infectious diseases. Equally, the educational objective focuses on informing people on ways to prevent and control diseases affecting the community. The community must stay informed on the various measures to prevent chronic diseases and achieve healthy people by 2020. 

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Community Health Promotion Framework

Public health care providers may establish a strategic health promotion framework as a framework to promote health.  A strategic health promotion framework will provide the health, safety and environment with the means of protecting and promoting the health of a population in a community. the public health providers a calculated health promotion agenda that will address various health determinants and health inequalities. The public health care providers may work with key healthy, safety and environment functions to ensure a reliable community development approach (Glasgow, Vogt and Boles, 1999). The strategic health promotion framework model will establish ability within the community and the community health care providers to identify and address health promotion priorities at community level (Bandura, 2004). The framework will facilitate the development and effectiveness of primary care and improved capacities in community sketching, needs valuation and provision of socially inclusive services. The health promotion framework will enable people to increase control over and to improve the health of people in a community.

The health promotion framework aims to protect and promote health of the community. As a result, the framework will lay a foundation for future development of health promotion capacity within the health, safety and environment (Stanhope and Lancaster, 2016). The framework will create accommodating settings for health and reduce health disparities. The process of improving health will ensure that the community stays healthy and protected from infectious diseases. 

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