The Impact of Overcrowding On Prisoner Well-being


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The author addresses the overlooked wage of having overcrowded prisons. According to this article, the wages of overcrowded prisons include psychological effects, health-related problems, and increased self-harm are among others. An overcrowded prison never becomes a correction center but transforms to a torturing center. The author notes that overcrowded prisons present unduly and painful living conditions that are not only detrimental to the prisoners but also the external world.  The diversity and breadth of this book make it a suitable resource for my research paper. 

The author uses national data on prisons in the United States to investigate the effects of overcrowding and deprivation and possibilities of suicide.  The article presents that overcrowding deprives the inmate important living conditions. The authors note the existence of a close relationship between the cases of suicide in prisons and the nature of living conditions observed in most prisons. The strength of this article is that it is an analysis of real issues in the American prisons.

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The paper is a literature review of effects of prison overcrowding to the health of the inmates. According to this article, Prison overcrowding has serious effects on the health of the inmates.  The well-being of people housed in the prisons is compromised by the existence of unsupportive conditions.  Besides the health of the inmates, the article notes the impacts of the prison overcrowding can affect the public system and the prison system at large. The author presents recommendations that governments and prison administrations can consider to improve the situation and conditions of livings in the incarceration centers. The strength of this article is the diverse coverage of the literature (literature Review) that addresses the topic in question.

The author presents that the tough sentencing policies for combating crime have increased the prison population in the state of California. As result, the budget of maintaining this prison has been expensive for the California government. The overcrowding in the prison has forced the lawmakers in the state of California to reconsider the existing laws on sentencing. The government indicates it is suffering economically when it comes to supporting the very overcrowded prisons. Apart from the economic burden, the California government has indicated the growing question of safety in the prison due to high populations. The strength of this article is that it captures the complaints from the California government officials who have indicated the need to revise the imprisonment laws and policies. 

The article addresses the long-term problems in the failing American prison system. According to the article, the American prison has been neglected for many years to appoint they have become dangerous for human occupancy. The article evaluates how the conditions in the prisons have become worse over the years and points out the failing role of the government to control the population of inmates in the prisons. The strength of the this paper is that other than assessing the impact of the overcrowded prison, the author assess the reason for overcrowding and gives recommendation what the states can do to reverse the problem. 

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