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Informative Essay on Population

Population refers to the number of people inhabiting a geographic area. The area can be a district, town, city, state, country, or a continent. It can…

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Subject: Environment
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Population growth analysis

Britain’s population is densely populated. When compared to France, the country is twice densely populated. In the year 2001, the population of the country was recorded…

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Subject: Psychology
Pages: 3
Words: 618
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The Impact of Overcrowding On Prisoner Well-being

Annotated BibliographyThe author addresses the overlooked wage of having overcrowded prisons. According to this article, the wages of overcrowded prisons include psychological effects, health-related problems, and…

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Subject: Environment
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The increasing world population, advancement in technology and environmental degradation

This research and argumentative essay will examine the relationship between the increasing world population, advancement in technology and their effects on the environment. The principal argument…

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Subject: Environment
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Environmental problems affecting our planet

In the recent times, many environmental problems affect our planet. For many years now human activity has argumentatively brought environmental concerns. It is a high time…

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Subject: Sociology
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Poverty in New Mexico

Poverty in New MexicoNew Mexico is currently in the limelight as one of the poorest states in the United States. Located in the southern parts of…

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Subject: Sociology
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Poverty and population control

IntroductionThe relationship between economic development and demographic variance has been a major debate and especially about poverty in a nation. In the recent past, economists and…

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Thomas Malthus and overpopulation

Thomas Malthus argument that overpopulation was inevitable because human population was increasing geometrically while the supply of food increased arithmetically was not entirely correct. This is…

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Together with the 20th-century advancements in medical care and vaccination, life expectancy has also improved globally. As a result, the world’s population is rising exponentially, which produces inevitable effects on the countries. Thus, writing an essay on overpopulation may be a logical academic task inviting you to examine the implications of this process for the United States of America and other states. If you’re new to the topic, it makes sense to start your research with our database, which contains many sample essays.

How to Craft an Outstanding Overpopulation Essay?

So, what should you discuss in an overpopulation argumentative essay to sound competent and objective? An essential starting point of your writing process is to understand this concept in depth. Overpopulation means that larger numbers of people inhabit the planet at the same time due to the advances in health care and education. A larger population means a scarcer distribution of resources among those who live on Earth, which inevitably causes poverty in many third-world countries. These long-term processes also inevitably contribute to climate change and global warming across the world.

Thus, you can write about all these aspects of overpopulation and examine existing studies on how the consequences of rising population numbers can be curbed with social, economic, and political measures and a concerted international effort. Some examples include sustainability efforts, measures for food security, and exploration of desert lands to ensure an even spread of the planet’s inhabitants.

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