Health Risk Associated With Excess Body Weight Edited

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Topics: Obesity, Diabetes, Disease

It’s worth to note that among the major health risk associated with gaining 20+ pounds stands to be diabetes type 2, in most cases, extra weight stands to be a factor that causes diabetes type 2.This can be supported based on the case study of 35 year old Hispanic woman in which the risk factor was mainly associated with the woman’s daily habits & more importantly the woman’s lifestyle like being committed to her work in most of her time and failing to create time to do exercise and above all.

Although designing & implementing effective lifestyle modification strategies has remained to be one of the most greatest challenges being experienced, it will be important to take into consideration that the most important community resource available in addressing the diabetes type 2 within the community is through using technology that offers a more new & promising platform mainly for connecting patients to critical information through creation of public awareness within the community. This innovation uses technology within the community as a practical bridge between health care & community- based resource like using the Gym, which has the capacity to promote diabetes type 2 self-care among members of the community without assistance from physicians (Koh, & Roper, 2014).

Technology stands to be a more promising vehicle within the community in which an awareness pertaining to the most cost-effective physical activities like going to the  ym and dietary within the community can be made possible. Adoption of technology helps in the development of a proper communication strategy which tends to be sensitive to most of the target group within the community. Therefore using the gym as a community resource plays an important role in ensuring that the risk of getting diabetes type 2 which is mainly caused by overweight and lack of exercise can be eliminated within the community (Potter, & Hall, 2016).

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