How cybersecurity affected the world?


Summary and Purpose Of Study

The article creates the need to consider behavior change as the main factor influencing cyber security. The theory of planned behavior best explains the change in the psychological model since it the human actions are only measurable through the use of models. The human behavior influences the manner in which human beings make decisions prior to the manner in which they behave. The article identifies four key areas identifiable to cyber security attacks in the corporate world, which are mainly assets, exploits, threats and vulnerabilities. Assets explain the way in which the data or information in a business leads to the passage of information. Exploits show how cyber security takes place as the hackers are use the various techniques and vulnerabilities in the system to access the network security. Threats involve the attacks in the systems which arise from malwares, spyware and ransomware (Ashenden, 2016). The vulnerabilities involve the weaknesses and holes which might exist in the network security of a system and may lead to the passage of data to third parties and giving access to the system (Anderson & Gilkeson, 2016). This article highlights mainly on the way the human behavior has changed and has led to human action being the main cause of cyber security.

Research questions

  • Which theories have been used to explain the research?
  • What is the author’s view of cyber security in relation to cyber security?
  • What are among the major impact of cyber security in the world?
  • In wat ways are hackers and social engineers able to gain access to the system networks of corporate organizations and businesses?
  • In what ways can cyber security be eliminated in the world and are there any suggestions which can assist in this step?

Methods used

In getting the tools and methods for collecting information on the articles, one can use the methods used in collecting data or obtaining information to collect the necessary information on cybersecurity. The instrumentation and modes of collecting data will help to determine whether the method used is qualitative or quantitative as well as the quality of the data.

Data analysis method used

In analyzing the data collected from cyberbullying, the analysis will help to guide the researcher on the management control and the organizational communication in the survey. The analysis of data will help to build on the theory the author has used and the components of its usefulness (Singer & Friedman, 2014). This will test the viability of the theory and its application to the study.

Results, discussion, conclusion and recommendation

Analysis will give different results depending on the objective of the research and the questions. From the findings of the research, it is notable that cybersecurity is propelled by human behavior and the nature of human beings to try new things in their systems, leaving the network security prone to cyberattacks (Collins, 2016). It is necessary to create awareness and appropriate measures to the employees and users of computer systems on the vulnerability of cybersecurity.

Discussion of the literature review

The articles show ways in which cybersecurity has affected the world. It suggests that human behavior has greatly propelled the vice and the main way of curbing cyber security is educating the masses on the ways of eliminating cybersecurity and creating security measures to the network security if their systems (Lane & Ready, 2016). The recommendations mainly discuss the role of human behavior in cyber security, hence the need to check on the human actions as a way of eliminating cyber security.

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