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Description of Organization

We are a reputable home improvement retailer named Home Improvement Center established in the U.S. Home Décor Retail Industry since the past 30 years (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2005). We provide high quality service by serving across various retail housing product segments such as housewares that endeavors to offer an enriched home improvement experience to our customers. Headquartered in Washington D.C, we run our operations across 12 locations in the U.S, catering to a wide impressive range of customers. Warehousing is one of our prime operations department, exclusively focused on delivering quality, value, content and functionality to our clients/customers at affordable prices (Gourmet Retailer, 2010). The company maintains its U.S.P by staying updated with the major trends and buzzwords in the home décor market aimed at offering comfort, style and peace of mind to the customers. This makes our business retain an influential image in the minds of our potential customers. 

Job Title, Timings, Status and Location

Job Title

We are seeking a self-efficient and dedicated night shift supervisor who can associate with our growing team and assist us in pushing further our credibility of products and services offered to our customers. 

Job Timings

As the job title states, the candidate is required to engage in duty hours at night conferred to the third shift for filling the slot of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. precisely.




New York (West Richmond)

Key Job Requirements 

Job Qualifications

The candidates should have the following academic as well as business credentials for evaluating themselves as fit for the job role.

Bachelor’s degree in any relevant field.

Minimum 3 years of experience in the home décor retail business industry, preferably in the houseware domain.

Minimum 1-2 years of supervisory experience in the field stated above.

Must have a counterbalance forklift license

Should be physically qualified and trained for performing tasks involving heavy lifting.

Apart from the key job qualifications stated above, the job profile demands high quality –oriented integrative set of professional and interpersonal competencies comprising of knowledge, skills, abilities and other attributes (KSAOs) (KSA’s: Knowledge, skills, and abilities, n.d ; Bedard Sources, 2018).

Excellent communication and customer service skills

Highly determined, motivated and target driven

Expertised knowledge in the field of supervision and the ability to transfer warehouse goods efficiently along the entire supply chain.

Efficient in maintaining log books related to documenting each product stored and transferred

Good knowledge of RF scanners

Excellent ability in delegating and coordinating operations.

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Key Job Responsibilities

The job role involves the following roles and responsibilities.

  • Managing a team of around 20-25 houseware workers.
  • Evaluating and reporting on the houseware shift activities and workers’ performances to the delegated higher authority
  • Assisting with heavy lifting and other houseware related tasks, when required.
  • Maintaining daily track records of houseware products shifted and stored.
  • Capable of driving innovation and offering suggestions for tasks optimization.

Salary, Benefits and Other Allowances

As the company strives towards achieving excellence, it recognizes the worth of every employee to their full potential. We ensure that every employee/worker is paid in a fair manner, leaving no room for discrimination. As a result, our company offers salary packages and benefits according to the industry standard at present along with ample opportunities for availing relevant allowances and growth opportunities.

Contact Information

Contact Person

The following H.R personal is to be contacted in case of any query related question(s) or for obtaining more detailed information regarding the job description 

Name: Mr. ABC.

Designation: H.R Head (Houseware Operations Department)

Email: [email protected]

Contact No: (324……)

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Application Instructions

For applying to the specified job position, individuals can cater to any one of the following three medium

Email – A concise and clear resumé in the form of an acrobat file or word document attachment should be emailed to the address [email protected]

Web Application – Interested candidates can also apply for the position directly by visiting the organization’s official website and logging on into the section ‘careers’ 

Mail – While sending the resumé via postal mail, it should be ensured that the courier is addressed at the accurate postal location with relevant stamp attached. 

Address: Home Improvement Center Organization

               3rd floor, 123 Building

               Street No- 12A, XYZ Road

               Washington D.C

                Pin: 1234….

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