Managing Organizational Change


ABC’s current operating capability illustrates different factors when managing organizational change. ABC Company lacks good management and effective leadership as the president chooses to work from home and have meeting with managers conducted over the phone. Eventually, this has triggered lack of face-to-face communication from the top management level to lowest level within the company’s hierarchy (Schein & Schein, 2017). In fact, mid-level managers are observed not to interact with each other while the remaining staff members have developed distrust with their managers. In order to perform basic function of management such as controlling, planning, leading and organizing, effective communication is significant to managers (Schein & Schein, 2017). 

ABC Company, also lack teamwork as mid-level managers focus only on their individual departments hence, there is no collaboration with other managers. In other words, the company does not organize work activities around teams leading to poor relationship between managers and staffs. ABC Company culture lacks aggressiveness and innovation because it only operates its business on one location and manufacture one product. Innovation requires companies with culture to put more emphasis on innovation as well as encouraging employees to take risks and improve their job. ABC company places low value on innovation and as a result staff members are forced to do the same job repeatedly without searching for ways to improve their performance. Lack of aggressiveness is emanate when ABC company have for a long time manage to hold onto a small section of their product market but are not closer to being a market leader. Thus, organization with an aggressive culture should focus on competiveness as well as outperforming competition at all costs.

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Possible solutions

Management support 

It is an important aspect in creating change readiness because it will assist the company to comprehend how staff members perceive the company’s readiness for change. This readiness for change is achievable if the company’s practices and policies are supportive of change. Therefore, ABC Company should re-engineer its business process by developing flexible system support and logistics, as well as policies and procedures (Taylor, TotalBoox, & TBX, 2016). In addition, ABC Company managers should rethink about basic people and company issues, improve business process across the company, and refocus on company values on customer needs. Management support should be centered on effective change leadership. This effective change leadership entails knowledge needed to initiate and monitoring change

Structural change

As a consultant, ABC Company needs focus on redesigning its structure because of competition and growth of emerging markets. This structural change will include; goals, management systems, administrative procedures and hierarchy of authority. Before any change can take place organization structure must be redesign to align with new changes (Scott & Davis, 2016). Also it will be of great significance to ABC Company to survive in a dynamic turbulent environment that is characterized by fierce competition. In addition, promote teamwork among mid-level managers in order increase productivity and innovation through sharing of ideas.

Process oriented issue

There is need for ABC Company to have its processes reengineered to achieve efficient productivity and optimum workflow. Process oriented usually involves how an organization assembles products and services. Adoption of new systems and installation of control checks to monitor the level of production, to determine whether quality has been attained and if they are of right specifications. The significance of process oriented change is that it eliminates problems associated with slow production (Scott & Davis, 2016).

People oriented issue

As an external consultant it is significant to apply people oriented change, because they are an important factor of production and therefore their need should be articulated, otherwise the process of change will not take place smoothly. It involves adjusting the behaviors, attitudes, performance and skills of the employees by motivating, leading, communicating, and interacting within groups (Scott & Davis, 2016). The aim is to ensure employee learn new skill and changing how problems are solved. People oriented change also facilitate smooth transition of organization old culture to a new culture without the need to impose on employees.

Respect and mutual trust

ABC Company needs to take into account that essence of change is to improve the company’s overall performance. However, for many staff members this creates tension and feeling of uneasiness especially when there is distrust between managers and their staff members. ABC Company should ensure that their capacity and readiness for change is based on sound foundation of respect and mutual trust. Sufficient amount of trust is vital to allow employees to compromise democratically and openly express dissenting views (Taylor, TotalBoox, & TBX, 2016).To achieve an effective work team respect and mutual trust should be motivated across all levels of management. As a result, ABC Company stands to benefit from improved productivity, increased innovation, and customer needs.

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