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Marketing refers to the process that enables goods and services to move to the consumer. The process involves coordination of four basic elements referred to as the 4P’s of marketing that includes the product, price, place and promotional strategy (Baines, Paul et al. 11). Indisputably, the capability to effectively coordinate the four elements determines the success of a marketing strategy or marketer. Marketing is solely driven by the customer needs and satisfaction that determine what criteria to utilize to achieve success. Therefore, it is evident that marketing entails promoting a product depending on unique selling points that make it them stand out from competitor products. Notably, the approach taken by marketing to convince consumers to prefer a product compared to another makes the marketing interesting. 

Significantly, creativity stands out as an approach that marketing utilizes to win the desired group of consumers within the vast consumer market (Baker, Michael, and Susan 368). The inception of digital marketing has enhanced creativity through the creation of brand images, advertisement, and posters. The process involved in creating such material that attracts consumers entails a lot of consultation and brainstorming that brings a lot of creativity and humor to the table. This instance makes marketing an interesting career because it is there to appeal and thrill the consumer to achieve success. Additionally, the flexibility that comes with a marketing career calls for a lot of discipline and good time management skills to achieve success (Baker, Michael John 86). Many marketers work independently and are judged the sale volumes leading to a lot of freedom in managing their programs. This makes the career entertaining since success is dependent on the individual drive and this favor increased motivation and reduced work-related stress.

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Marketing helps the marketers interact with people of varied personalities and this helps in increasing the thrill that comes with interacting with people (Sandhusen 279). The different personalities determine the behavior, response, and approach towards marketers leading to the cultivation of an approach that is accommodating to all. Marketing relies on winning over the customer and this comes at the expense of an individual’s ego often affects the relationship between two or more individuals. However, marketing helps in overcoming the ego barrier and this helps in improving the perception held towards life with time. Additionally, one gets an opportunity to learn a lot from the experience of meeting people from different cultural, religious, social and economic belief. The exposure helps in appreciating the diversity within the society and how it influences different patterns of doing business. Worth noting is that the marketing strategies in one region may sharply contrast with those in another region leading to the need for flexibility and increased market awareness. These experiences may appear challenging but draw a lot of career satisfaction and thrill that lacks in other career fields. 

The ability to allow for flexibility, creativity and opportunity to interact with varied personalities makes marketing an interesting career that I would like to indulge in. The thrill of learning a lot about different persons, their cultures, religion and geographic diversity add a lot of thrill to the marketing career. Most careers entail sitting in an office setup that is often boring but marketing offers a change in the environment that helps in improving the working mood that helps in achieving career satisfaction. Therefore, marketing is a unique career that combines the social, economic, psychological and emotional factors to achieve success through influencing the consumer market to prefer a set of goods compared to another. 

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