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The creation of effective flow of goods from the points of production to the points of sales despite the different militating factors either against or for while remaining committed to profit making is the endeavors of marketing official (Jain, & Haley, 2009). The marketing department is primarily composed of internal and external environmental factors that determine the success or performance of a product in the market. V Fusion + Energy beverage is a product that is yet up for competition against pioneer energy drinks in the United States such as, Red bull, Pepsi and Coke among other fast growing energy beverage manufacturing companies like ZenedgeUSA and US Beverage Manufacturing. Coke and Pepsi for instance have been able to withstand different environmental challenges ranging the PESTEL factors to internal environmental considerations such as the marketing mix. The beverage (V Fusion +Energy drink) will only see daylight with appropriate marketing plan that encompasses both the environmental dimensions that are primary determinants of its success in the market.

The Macro Environment

The external environment consists of the political, economic, social, technological, cultural, competitive forces.

Political Environment

The political spheres within the United States are a type that facilitates economic involvements. V Fusion + Energy drink being founded by American entrepreneurs authentically lies in a politically enabling environment that will support the production and distribution of the products, thereby providing fair trading grounds.

Economic Environment

Finances or capital is essential for the establishment of an industry as well as a company. The free flow of money facilitates the fundamental activities such as the operations that basically concern the production and supply chain and marketing initiatives (Grewal & Levy, 2016).  . The American economy being a stable one provides numerous sources of funding that by default backs up the operations/ production of the beverage product and sales such as the banks and economically able financiers available for soliciting

Social and Cultural environment

The population of America that actually serves as the target audience of the beverage is a mixed one. The populace of America is composed of different ethnic races with different practices and beliefs with regards to social set up concerning subscription to the product. For V Fusion + Energy drink to do well after launching, a feasibility analysis of the demographics of the population is subject to review so as to ascertain the potential segments that are likely to take up the product with minimal critic or opposition. Culture is a sensitive issue that extensively cuts across the consumables or food as one of the primary aspects of cultures. The use of energy drink is subject to consideration by different cultures that dictates different ways of living, inversely affecting the supply chain of the product.

Competitive Environment

V Fusion + Energy drink manufacturers has to outline the uniqueness the product before introducing it to the market as that forms the basis of evaluation as the best option available to appeal to the target consumer needs as opposed to other products available in the market. The uniqueness remains the marketing disposition that guarantees success of the beverage in the industry.

The Micro Environment

The internal factors that affect the production and sales of the beverage are subjective determinants of the exceptional performance of the product in the market. The Micro environment concerns the 4 Ps as strategies of enhancing success of the beverage in the industry (Piercy, & Morgan, 2014). The marketing mix stipulates that the beverage has to be put in the right place and time and at a relevant price as discussed in the following sections.


The beverage requires selective distribution following the already established competition and consideration of macro factors. The target audience is subject to the distribution pattern with aims of penetrating the product into the market.


V Fusion + Energy drink enlists its composition and packaging that deliberates on the uniqueness of the product and the consumer needs in the market. The ingredients used in manufacturing of the product are subject to scrutiny in asserting the marketing claim. The focus on how the beverage will solve the needs of consumers and guarantee their health safety as well is of primary concerns, in ensuring its success.


The beverage being a new product requires schematic pricing that attracts and spearheads brand loyalty. Before settling on final cost of the product, review of competitors’ pricing activities must be considered with regards to production costs for the manufacturer to stay in business.


Communications about the product is another fundamental factor that guarantees its success. Technology essentially comes into play in lieu of popularizing the product through the different marketing platforms such electronic, social and print media. The company website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and linked in accounts coupled with radio and television audience ship will contribute to the success of the product in the market (Cohen, 2005).


In designing a marketing plan for the beverage, the extensive analysis of the macro and micro environments provides blueprints of outstanding performance since the manufacturer is assured of factors that affect and promotes the performance and survival of the business in the industry.

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