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Transparency in journalism informs why the media portrays something the way it does. Transparency determines how information is conveyed and affects the way the public view the media. It also inspires openness and accountability in journalism. The method of information delivery is clear in transparent journalism. McBride and Rosenstlel (n.d) point out that transparency is an ethical principle in journalism that has been expanded by the digital age. Transparency is a critical concept in journalism because it helps the media attain credibility. It is essential that production in journalism is ethical and that the community be able to identify when it’s ethical and when it’s not.

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One of the fundamental guiding principles for journalists is transparency (McBride & Rosenstlel, n.d). Transparency is ensured by showing how the reporting was done, explaining the sources and evidence used. What is not known in a story should be revealed during production. Also, acknowledgment of errors and mistakes is essential to ensure transparency. Again, correcting errors encourages the community to trust the organization. Seeking to report the truth is a crucial aspect of transparency. Many professionals advocate for transparency in journalism.

Transparency in journalism calls for the openness which encourages constant conversation between the community and the newsroom. Transparent news organization strives to achieve greater self-awareness. Also, transparent journalists push for honesty and integrity in their work. According to McBride and Rosenstlel (n.d), transparency informs how stories are produced and how to judge the conflict of interests. Again, McBride and Rosenstlel (n.d) note that the value of transparency minimizes the harm caused to the community by seeking alternatives. Journalists have an responsibility to look at options that reduce the harm they may cause to the community in their production.

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