Mathematics: An Exploration of Structure and Theory


Mathematics presents the extensive exploration of the structure quantity, change and space. There are different views that have been presented by mathematics philosophers over time, which have evolved into integral mathematical theories. Mathematics is employed in different academic fields to examine patterns and employ them in the creation of emerging conjectures. Kline (1982) notes that mathematics serves to explore the question, “Is there a plan underlying the workings of the whole universe?” Mathematica proof is employed in the resolution of falsity and truth through mathematical resolution. Moreover, an insight on nature and different academic discourse can emerge from the analyses of mathematical structures and models that represent real phenomena. There lacks a well-defined line on applied mathematics and pure mathematics, however, there is an emergence of practical applications of mathematics, which have assisted in deciphering numerous concepts and problems in the real world. 

Learning mathematics has proven to be a liberating experience. I always loved exploring numbers from a young age, which can be attributed to the creative approach that was employed by my elementary teacher in the introduction of mathematics concepts. In general, I am always excited to learn new mathematical concepts, particularly those that have practical applications such as calculus. My father has always emphasized the importance of mathematics in my life from a very young age; consequently, I grew up loving mathematics. Moreover, I have grown confident in my mathematical ability over the years. Mathematics demands a collaborative approach; hence, I am always glad to receive assistance on the areas that are challenging.

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Applied mathematics can employed in different academic discourse, including engineering, science, industry and business. Hence, the application of specialized mathematical knowledge has proven imperative in different academic courses and professions. In addition, mathematical models have proven imperative in finding solutions to practical problems in science and engineering. In addition, mathematics has also proven applicable in statistical exploration through the creation of randomized experiments and random sampling. Kapadia, Chan & Moye (2005) note “…mathematics is required for a good understanding of probability and mathematical statistics”. I plan on specializing and exploring areas in applied mathematics, particularly applied mathematics. 

Initially, I was surprised to learn that EdReady could serve as a tool to examine my mathematical preparedness and knowledge, including preparing me for some of the classes. EdReady was an imperative tool that helped me cement my already existing knowledge and assist me remembers the various mathematical concepts that I had forgotten. EdReady assisted me identify the mathematical knowledge gaps and the areas I need to specialize and focus on in the acquisition of my mathematical skills. After exploring the program, I have explored different algebraic concepts and conquered my fear of algebra. I would recommend EdReady to any mathematical learner at any level due to the ease of navigation and use. 

From the discussion, it is evident that mathematical knowledge is imperative in human’s daily and professional lives. I will ensure that I focus on expanding my mathematical knowledge through exploring different concepts and seeking assistance from my tutors and colleagues where needed. 

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