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The use of medical marijuana is a very controversial subject in the United States. There as many proponents of the Medical Marijuana as there are opponents of the same. The U.S. Congress classified Marijuana under Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act implying it has no medicinal value and is subject to abuse (, 2017). However, some states have regarded Marijuana as having medicinal value and are useful for the treatment of various health conditions. This document examines the pros and cons of using medical marijuana.

As a proponent of medical marijuana, I believe controlled use of marijuana can contribute to the effective treatment of various diseases such as cancer, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Marijuana is not a drug hence it is not as dangerous as people were forced to believe (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2017). There is no scientific data to demonstrate that use of medical marijuana has adverse consequences on the users. Therefore, if used properly as prescribed by medical experts, medical marijuana can be very useful for the treatment of various conditions.

However, the opponents of medical marijuana have raised several issues challenging the use of marijuana (, 2017). First, they claim that there is no scientific data to support that Marijuana has any medical value. If I were to hold this claim, I would start doubting the ability of medical marijuana as a proper cure for various illnesses. It might be true that marijuana has no medical value because there is no evidence to showing patients who have been healed for the exclusive use of marijuana (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2017).

Secondly, several studies have shown that smoked marijuana is harmful to human health and it can cause addiction. It is interesting to realize that medical marijuana could have other consequences other than the perceived medical benefits. I would notice individuals who have an increasing craving for marijuana is I was to believe this perception. This view might be true because there is no evidence of someone who has stopped using marijuana after treatment (Drug Policy Alliance, 2017).

Finally, there is evidence that prolonged use of marijuana can result in impairment of cognitive ability and depression. This is a very interesting view because it reveals conditions that many people associate with marijuana use. I would notice that majority of those using medical marijuana having the issue of making a blurred judgement if I were to hold the view that marijuana affects mental judgement. This might be true because most of the people who have used marijuana before exhibit traits of impaired judgement (Drug Policy Alliance, 2017).

The use of medical marijuana has gained wide acceptance in the United States. Currently, 28 states have enacted legislations to adopt medical marijuana as a cure for various conditions. Nevertheless, lack of scientific evidence to demonstrate the benefits of medical marijuana has raised some doubt about the usefulness and safety of medical marijuana as a cure for various illnesses.

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