Michelangelo is an Italian Renaissance sculptor, architect, painter and a poet who was the most influential Western artist of all time (Somervill & Michelangelo 2005). He was born on early month of March in late 1400 in a small village where his father was a serving magistrate and came from a powerful family. It was interesting that Michelangelo didn’t want to follow his father path; he was attracted by the artistic world. However, the family did not agree with his decision. It was during his early age where he was trained to Domenico, the leading wall painter in Florence. He took the opportunity to learn some of the basic painting techniques as he taught himself new skills like sculpting. It was not too long before one of the most powerful families in Florence noticed his talent who offered him a chance to learn from the classic Masters and became determined to improve on the great classics of Greek and Latin art. Due to political turmoil that was experienced by Florence at that time, Michelangelo was forced to travel to Rome and begun commissioning for the Popes by making very unique masterpieces, magnificent tomb, paints in the ceiling etc. Everyone was amazed by the impressive work that Michelangelo did. He started gaining reputation which encouraged him and made him feel to be Gods artist. Michelangelo later returned to Florence and engaged in politics to defend his city. However, his work never stopped, he was instead given more art to work on due to his fame. During Michelangelo’s final years, he increasingly becomes religious which was seen on his poetry and direction of his art.  Michelangelo art work inspired many artists to paint more modern art rather than traditional arts. He as well supported humanist movement of the renaissance through his art that influenced art and society for centuries afterwards. His friends and mentors were happy with his work since he took his work serious and did it with a lot of passion. Many of them wanted to be like him because of the creativity and intelligent he applied to his artist career (Bull 1998).

This statue of an angel namely `angel` was made by Michelangelo out of marble. It measures 51.5 cm and situated in the Basilica of san Domenico. It is categorized as Sculpture stubs made in the 15th century. This is the most important object because the angel was beautiful, polished and graceful. This statue has some real value that makes it irresistible in which everyone wants the statue. The angel however, represents a kind of special secret that makes people feel something when they stare at it. The historians think that an angel statue would be admired for every sculptural detail all over the world while the critics say that the object is just an imagination since no one has ever seen an angel. This statue is part of an established art movement referred to as Italian Renaissance.

The battle of the centaurs was created around 1942. It is located in Casa Buonarroti and measures 84.5cm by 90.5cm. This remarkable sculpture was the first one to be created without the use of bow drill. This art is significant in the traditional sculpting technique. The work reflected the current fashion for ancient theme reproduction. Many suggested that the object had some connection to them. This is a type of historic gesture that many would remember as a symbolic of great conflict. The battle of the centaurs was part of Italian renaissance movement and an unfinished marble sculpture.

The Crucifixion of St. Peter is also another art made by Michelangelo. The image is so colorful and eye catching that attract crowds (Harris 1989). It is located in Cappella Paolina, Vatican palace, in Vatican City. The object measures 625cm by 662cm and created between 1546 and 1550. St. Peter was raised by the Roman soldier to the cross. The image portrays pain and suffering and the people’s faces present a clear distress. St. Peter is known by historian as `the rock of the church` and depicted to receive the keys to the kingdom of heaven from Christ. St. Peter had the similarities with Christ because he was crucified. The crucifixion of St. Peter is a fresco painting and part of Italian Renaissance movement.

The significance of their work demonstrates a blend of physical realism and psychological awareness that has never been perceived.  Michelangelo received commissions from most wealthy men but he ensures that the future generation would be able to view and appreciate his art work. Doing this shows that art will never end since the modern generation has something they can refer to. Artists work requires skills, experience and proper personal qualities that will guide him /her throughout the career. The work of an artist has changed over their career because most of them struggle to find balance between work and art. Many keep on wondering whether they can really make a career as an artist really pays, but it won’t be necessarily easy. Art critics say that artists are willing to suffer for their work and very few are prepared to learn to draw. They say that art has shallow secrets that can be guessed and revealed by anyone and that they are just marvelous images made to attract eyes of human being. Engaging with a good work of art can connect people to their senses, mind and body. It makes the world be felt that spur thinking engagement and action.

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