Needs of the aging population

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Topics: Ageism, Innovation, Public Health

Considering the increasingly aging population of the Americans, more social, psychological and physiological attentions is required in meeting their needs. For instance, by the attainment of 2030, an estimate of one out of five people will be over 65 years (CDC, 2013). Such a statistical interpretation has impacted on more pressure in various governmental departments, especially health to counteract on the intended burden of work. However, the massive demographic shifts in the US come along with high demands on the healthcare system that is facilitated by more medical attention to the increasing elderly that are living longer. In such regard, the older populace will be vulnerable for constant extra care due to the reduced body activity and multiplicity of chronic conditions.  The caregivers will have to rethink on length and quality of life to help resolve the problems in the system. Therefore, there is an ultimate need for adjustments in the health care system to accommodate for the aging process.

However, the situation of expanding aging population has been facilitated by medical technological advances, health insurance coverage and health-conscious community that support the dramatic change. Besides, various organizations have adopted education systems that help improve older people’s lives. Such extensions in lifespan have raised more health concerns despite the decreased in the unofficial caretakers. Correspondingly, to maintain the requirements of the aging individuals, the healthcare institution has increased its commitment in various areas to improve efficiency and accessibility (Matthews, 2013). For example, more registered nurses to provide nursing care, medical assistants have been incorporated in the management, massage therapists and information technicians have enhanced the quality of care given to the elderly. Therefore, the implications of the aging population have assisted in the improvement of the health industry through better understanding and accomplishment of career objectives.

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