Roles of women in the middle age


The roles of women have changed from the time that they were considered inferior to now when they are considered to be equal to those of men. While the agitation for gender equality is currently spearheaded by the feminists and civil societies, the author of the article outlines different players who contributed to elevating women to their societal status in the middle age. Using examples, the author produces facts to support the claims that the women’s roles have changed. However, he ends up by describing much of how the roles changed than describing the roles that the women played.

In the article, the author describes how women assumed the role of patronage of music and literature. Nonetheless, they were entrusted with the charge of large castles when their lords went on crusade and could inherit land as well as their involvement in politics (Medieval Spell nd). According to the author, respect for men and the rise in active roles of women were escalated by the monogamy rule and the special relationship between the clergy and women.

Throughout the discussion, the author provides examples to support his arguments. For instance, he uses an example of Jeanne de Montfortheld to illustrate how women were entrusted to be in charge of the castle, and that of Emma, the wife of Edward the confessor, to show how women were involved in politics (Medieval Spell nd). In essence, the author’s main claim is that religion and the rules of chivalry played a significant role in shaping how the roles of women changed. These sentiments are true as they are consistent with the information from other texts such as by Bolton and Stuard (2012). Another factor that the author mentions to have contributed to the change is the rule of gallantry, which regulated the sentiments of soldiers.

In conclusion, even though the author failed to clearly indicate how women played their roles, it is evident that there were new roles that women assumed and they were no longer treated as subordinates to men.

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