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Question 1

Cultural considerations

During the interview, I would consider Ms. Li’s racial background (Asian American) as one of the cultural aspects, which contributes a great deal toward different forms of abuse among women in the United States (U.S.). Referring to the Women of Color Network (2006), approximately 29.1 % women of color are victimized by their intimate partners through rape, stalking, and physical assault. Again, African American females are abused at a rate of 35% compared to a 2.5% rate among white women.

Abuse Assessment Screen (AAS)

AAS refers to one of the oldest domestic violence screening tools utilized in the detection of various abuse incidences during pregnancy (Bailey, 2010). Besides, the long AAS tool consists of five different, but related questions aimed at collecting relevant information from the victim in an efficient manner. For example, the first question asks whether their partner or a person important to them has abused the patient physically or emotionally. 

What to do about abuse? 

After discovering abuse, I would validate Ms. Li’s experience, telling her that she is not the only one with such a problem, and no one should be abused whatsoever. Feder et al. (2006) assert that validation, as well as brief and definite statements, are the best domestic violence intervention mechanisms. Moreover, I would advise her to utilize the already available community resources. On a broader sense, I would allow Ms. Li to use the private office telephone. In this way, her privacy will be assured when speaking to law enforcers, especially in when at risk or danger of further abuse.  The same telephone lines may also help a great deal later to seek help from domestic violence crisis specialists or counselors. 

Question 2

Health issues and Physical Activity  

Three of the health issues that can be prevented and managed effectively through physical activity (PA) include obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and depression. According to CDC (2015), obesity tends to remain more prevalent (39.5%) among the middle-aged adults in the U.S. Hill and Wyatt (2005) established that it is one of the most serious health challenges in America and the world. Currently, approximately 60 million US residents have Type 2 diabetes. Briefly speaking, one of the recent surveys conducted by the Australian Mental Health (AMH), more than four percent adults reported a depressive and anxious disorder. However, the figure in question is believed to underestimate the exact prevalence of the condition (NHFA, 2007). 

Obesity is attributed to lack of physical exercise and poor diet. In the U.S., young and middle-aged adults consume large amounts fat and sugary foods available in fast food restaurants. Besides having an inactive lifestyle, they consume large amounts of calories. High levels of refined sugar is a predisposing factor for Type 2 diabetes. I advocate for a balanced diet as a strategy for preventing as well as managing cases of obesity and diabetes.

The victims should also implement self-care behaviors, like having enough sleep, exercise regularly, taking oral medications, and replacing trans-fats with unsaturated fats. Depressed and anxious people should exercise alongside associating with fun activities. In particular, they can have a 10-minute walk every morning. Likewise, Hill and Wyatt (2005) recommend taking a 30-minute moderate to intense PA each day. Finally, I would employ a holistic approach to gain client cooperation, which involves inculcating a culture of a patient and compassionate listener. I would encourage the client to feel free and protected as we engage in a face-to-face conversation.

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