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Briefly escribe the different kinds of networks and how they can be utilized

LAN (Local Area Network):  this is a type of network used to connect various computers as well as low voltage devices in a short distance in order to share resources and information (Whittaker, 2002). It is mostly used in building which are close together or different offices in the same building 

According to Whittaker (2002), PAN (Personal Area Network). This is a network made up of wireless modem, tablets, phones, computers among others. They are owned or managed by one person or an organization and are mostly found in residences or small offices. 

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network): this are networks that use wireless network technology which includes WiFi. 

WAN (Wide Area Network): These are networks that connect computers across long distance physically. WAN enables a person or an organization to remotely connect computers and devices. A good example is the internet which connects all computers around the world (Weber, 2003). 

Describe the concept of Bluetooth and the advantages it has presented

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables devices to transmit data or voice as well as communicate within a short distance. It is free of charge; Bluetooth does not cost the sender and the receiver of data any penny (Robert, 2017). What one needs is a device that has the Bluetooth. It is very simple to use, one does not need to be taught or to know technology in order to use Bluetooth. It is wireless, that is one does not need to find cords or incur the cost of buying or finding place to connect the cord. It is confidential, even if there is data exchange the owner of the device has the control on the data he or she wants to share (Robert, 2017). Finally, it is widely used that means one does not need to struggle to find a Bluetooth because almost all mobile devices and laptops have it.    

Describe RFID and situations where it adds value. Predict a new use

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that use electrostatic or electromagnetic coupling in the electromagnetic portion of radio frequency in order to identify a person, an object or an animal. In addition, it adds value where a person for instance a patient needs to be tracked. RFID add value in controlling and tracking the number of equipment that may move in or go out in an organization. Furthermore, it adds value in tracking and taking data of wild animals. In the near future RFID can be used to track cars. 

Describe major challenges of wireless networks and how they can be remediated

One of the major challenges is hackers who are targeting wireless computing as well as mobile devices (Weber, 2003). For instance, if the information is vital and valuable then they attract hackers. The best way to deal with this challenge is to monitor the system for wireless. Furthermore, there is the need to use two-user identification. 

Another challenge is the unmanaged use of wireless outside the enterprise (Weber, 2003). Since a number of employees have the password then they use the wireless even when they are not working or they share it with their friends. The best way to handle this challenge is installing each enterprise device with hidden wireless password in a way that only that equipment can use the wireless and no employee knows the password. 

Misconfiguration is another challenge that is affecting wireless networks. This is because administrators have less experience with access points and switches since wireless is a new technology. The best way to deal with this challenge is tuning the devices in order to conform to best practices and policies.     

Explain how a business network can support or hinder business productivity

A business network can support productivity through product innovation, process improvement as well as new employee skills. Contrary, it can hinder business productivity if it does not motivate the employees or if the right technology was not selected.

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