Osoyoos Indian Band Development Corporation (OIBDC)

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Osoyoos Indian Band is a member community of the Okanagan Nation Alliance that was formed in 1877 (Trubek, 2004). Formed in 1877, the bands goal is to change their way of living from dependency to a more sustainable economy. Since the band is situated at a very rich agricultural and tourism region, the 32000 acres they have has provided them with opportunities in educational, health, social, agriculture, industrial, commercial as well as residential developments (John M, et.al, 2001).

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The Osoyoos Indian Band Development Corporation (OIBDC) was formed in 1988 to aid the bands efforts attain self-sufficiency hence reduce dependency. OIBDC used planning to improve the economic development of the band by forming a board of directors who would oversee the activities of the board. In addition, the OIB developed a plan and implemented several strategies with the aid of their CEO, Chris Scott (John M, et.al, 2001). Chris Scott reminded the band that they should be prepared to act on the business opportunities that arise and seek successful businesses that were strategic to the vision.

According to Trubek, (2004), OIB has had several successful ventures that include leasing of land to Cherry Grove golf course in 1960. This company was privately owned but it is now owned by the OIB. In addition, the company has become a big asset for the band since it had a multi-million dollar expansion. OIB began silviculture in the late 1970s. Nowadays, the OIB band operates with a US company. The sawmill company processes up to 35000 cubic meters of wood which is a good source of income for the band. Another successful venture was the partnership with the Canada’s largest, and North Americas fourth largest wine producer, Vincor. The Vincor Company leases up to 800 acres of land from OIB for grape farming which is a raw material in wine production (John M, et.al, 2001).

Over the years, the band has achieved several goals that include creating a landholding company. The role of the company was to purchase several strategic pieces of land for the band. Following this, the band purchased a 12-acre orchard (Trubek, 2004). Another achievement was the development of Tuc Nuit Estate. This is a waterfront residential development that is of great value to the band. In addition, the band opened Nk’Mip Gas and Convenience store, which has a gross income of more than $2.2 million per year.

The band has used operating, fixed as well as financial budgets. This has led to its success since there are no financial constraints that affect it (John M, et.al, 2001). The band has used the different types of planning to ensure that their future is intact and more promising. The band has used forecasting by evaluating the challenges that they might face in future like financial constraints. To curb this, the band has developed various ventures and liaised with different companies. The OIB has also used benchmarking to compare themselves with other organizations like the Vincor (Trubek, 2004).

In conclusion, OIB has improved both economically and socially due to the effective governance that the company has. The unity among the band members has made it stronger and successful hence, they have reserved their lands and purchased many more. The OIBDC planning strategies have been effective over the years hence the many accomplishments as well as the development of the Osoyoos band.

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