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Personality assessment is used as strong predictors of job performance. Personality assessment is usually superior to job interviews. I am familiar with personality assessment methods such as self-assessment, day reconstruction, biodata, situational judgment tests and behavioral observations (Cardy & Leonard, 2011). Other assessment methods include transcripts, interviews, and letters of recommendation. 

I would prefer the situational judgment tests (SJT) over the other assessment methods. SJT is a flexible method that can be videotaped or described in words to reflect the complex judgments in a typical workstation (Washington et al., 2011). Moreover, SJT measures several attributes of the individuals including teamwork, dependability, self-reliance, leadership skills, and social perceptiveness (Cardy & Leonard, 2011)

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I would use the SJT and transcripts for the training position candidates. A combination of the three tests is enough to give an insight into individual’s non-cognitive and cognitive characteristics. The assessment processes are also cost effective and efficient compared to the behavioral observation which is in most cases subject to bias (Washington et al., 2011)

SJT can be repeated and the individuals retested after training and coaching. The individuals should, therefore, be able to improve their scores after each subsequent SJT. Transcripts test an individual’s academic ability (Cardy & Leonard, 2011). The transcripts, therefore, give an insight into a person’s cognitive characteristics. I would monitor and evaluate the outcomes through relating the job outcomes with the transcripts of the employees. I would give those with higher grades higher level responsibilities commensurate with their qualifications. 

Individuals with a higher score during the tests are expected to perform highly in the organization to deliver the best results. An organization that selects the highest scoring candidates is a high performing organization (Cardy & Leonard, 2011). However, the organizations should recognize that some individuals deliver the best results under supervision since the tests simulate a supervised employee. I would correct the flaws in the data through giving real-time warnings, training, and coaching. 

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