Philosophy of Classroom Management and Student Engagement


As a teacher I believe that the classroom management approach is an essential technique for teachers to educate the students and aid them to particularly follow positive behavior. This allows for students to engage in learning and also interact with activities in the classroom. On the other hand, I also believe that student engagement comprises the degree of interest, passion, curiosity, attention and optimism that students display especially when they are being taught or when they are learning in the classroom which increases the motivation level they need to learn in order to advance in their education. As a teacher it is also important to consider opportunity maximization for learning in students in order to govern their behavior positively. In this philosophical statement I will focus on safe classroom environment and student engagement done through an effective curriculum as well as interaction with the students. For meaningful interactions and discussions I want students to feel particularly comfortable with other students.  I encourage students to participate in classroom activities in order to ensure that students learn from each other. Punishing students with behavior problems is not necessarily a solution, prevention of these problems through engaging and interesting curriculums is important so that the needs of the students are satisfied (Savage, Savage & Savage, 2010.

I believe that sometimes most students misbehave simply because they have encountered great pain that they create a wall between everyone and themselves too. For teachers the closer they get to these students the greater the fear and the pain and therefore the misbehavior.  Other students misbehave because they want to prove themselves to the teachers and other students for instance students that have been rewarded by their teachers for behavioral achievements only to give up on these students’ later these leads to misbehavior. I also think that many of the teachers’ especially younger teachers normally experience problems with students who are physically attracted to them and this is considered as misbehavior in the part of students. Other students misbehave since they want to get noticed by their teachers and also to get noticed among other students.

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A classroom management plan is a major component particularly in the educational setting which every teacher requires since they are responsible for organizing, motivating, teaching and managing their students. A classroom management plan is specifically designed to create student responsibility, maximize opportunity for learning and development of a positive environment and behavior in the classroom. 

An effective classroom management plan is essential because it is considered an effective technique that ensures improvement in the behavior of students while students are kept focused on learning in the classroom through student engagement. This will aid the teacher especially in the establishment of good relationship with the students as the students will be encouraged to participate in classroom activities and their interest for learning will also be heightened.

Most research studies have demonstrated that classroom management and student engagement go hand in hand in any educational setting for student learning. In order to effectively manage a classroom while encouraging student engagement, it is essential to discipline students who misbehave among other considerations. I believe that taking some time out of every class period to address any arising problems is essential as it encourages student engagement.

Mostly students are affected by effective classroom management plans. These plans are used by teachers as a tool to guide their learners or students. With an effective classroom management plan students have safe and comfortable classroom environment to learn and ultimately the behaviors of students are impacted. Classroom management plans also impact on the ability of students to participate and engage in classroom activities.

Several experiences from educational, social to home experiences have shaped my personal classroom management philosophy. Rules and regulations applied in my family setting that were instilled in me have shaped my philosophy. Social experiences taught me beliefs that I am fully responsible for the decisions and actions I make and that to be rewarded at any point in life, I must worked hard.

The theoretical perspective fit for my personal classroom management theory is the William Glasser choice theory. This particular theory states that behavior is chosen and that individuals are driven mostly by genetics to meet basic needs and therefore the classroom should be a place where the needs of students are satisfied. Through effective class management plans teachers guide their students to learn effectively and engage adequately in classroom activities. Teachers who practice this theory basically work to ensure classroom activities for students are developed to meet the needs of the students. And therefore this allows for effective learning especially through student engagement while disruptions such as misbehavior are reduced.

My personal philosophy impacts on the classroom management plan and this is because I believe in a safe classroom environment and also that student engagement ensure that students learn effectively. I also believe in assisting my students to follow positive behavior and therefore I expect that through providing a safer learning environment and encouraging engagement it possible to allow students to follow positive behavior (Emmer, Evertson & Worsham, 2003).

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The media in the modern present day portrays the education system with focus particularly on negative behavior and learning of students in schools instead of focusing on what strategies schools have implemented in order to curb bad behavior and ensure effective learning for students. My personal philosophy particularly focuses on how to ensure effective learning through provision of safer classroom environments and student engagement for effective learning and positive behavior in students. It is directly against how the media and the world in general portray the modern present day education system. 

Technology has been considered to reinforce and support learning and therefore it is key as it facilitates the implementation of my classroom management plan philosophy. In most classrooms in America, technology has been major in increasing student engagement in schools for learners. Technology will enable increase student engagement in the classroom for my learners or students. As a teacher technology enables me to develop and present instructions and content to my students. Increased access to learning tools, resources and information inspires the students to be creative through directing their own learning. With technology students can innovate and create things for instance using Photoshop. As a teacher I am able to instruct students to collaboratively engage through technology use. Students are also inspired to think critically and also have positive attitudes towards learning (Günüç & Kuzu, 2014).

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