Police brutality in America

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Most Americans are not happy with the issues related to police brutality.  Shockingly, police brutality emerged with the baby boomers, when freedom was gaining full continence in the civic society. A visit to the National Museum of African American history and culture, allows one to locate some shreds of evidence that will help ascertain the exact age of police brutality.  Our fathers and grandfathers have grown to see police brutality, singing endless lyrics of justice jingles on different demonstrations to no avail.  This is the same brutality that the current society is determined to address. The most effective way to stop this brutality is to change the perception of the community on the grounds of equality.

Just like in the past, police brutality has become rampant a reason for the many street demonstrations. After the protests, changes are made, the perpetrators are condemned and a temporary still climate of peace is established devoid of police brutality.  However, after a short while, a new incidence arises, and the same measures are employed, the defendants are justly treated, maybe this time the government leaders are seen on different media platforms disparaging the act but after sometimes the cycle starts again.  At times, concerns arise on whether police brutality could evener be stopped.  But we are aggrieved in one way or the other by the pain of our brothers and sisters nursing the wounds of police brutality despite their cases being justly handled.

The real picture of the act is rooted subterranean in the significant contagion that has enthralled the harmony of the American nation. Racial description has loosed its ties with common discrimination on resource sharing, and it has taken the Armor of police brutality (Chaney & Robertson, 2013).  Majorly, African Americans have always stood at the forefront narrating on how they have faced the brutal hand of white police officers.  Just the other year, the white Americans began recounting the same experiences. This incidence shows that police brutality has intensified racial hatred and it will continually do so if unless common differences such as racial discriminations are not handled

The nature of the current society has been the solemn reason for the continual practice of police brutality.   Long ago, slavery was the only form of cruelty that existed; however, it was solved by the descent of Human Rights Laws.  Although the predominant races felt the stigma of being deprived the power over their slaves and instead asked to regard slaves as their equals, the cases of police brutality were not defined in their specialty. The police were subject to perform only their required civic roles. The slaves being uplifted in the society led to a silent form of racial discrimination. Soon after, racial discrimination became the topic of the day because the dominant races had a say in the society but only on the measure of race.

Nevertheless, the civil rights law advocated for equality in the society and Africans, whites, Indians, among other races were involved in the Civic duties without partiality. However, our forebears, who had felt the joy of a master and the pain of a slave had already formed the opinions towards other races. They impacted the same views to their children, who are our fathers and eventually this view got to this generation. African children were brought up in a society where they were regarded as the inferior race, and they were thought to fight for their equal rights speculated in the constitutions.  On the contrary, the whites’ children were brought up being distanced from the Blacks or rather trained as a superior race.

The America society cultivated the culture of discrimination, and it inspired similar thoughts to those formed in the times of slavery to their children.  Where it not for the change of the current world and the demands of the constitution, slavery was to be restored in the contemporary society.   Nonetheless, it did not happen and it might not, but professional works such as police forces were given the power of command over the noncombatants.  This change implicates on a very rhetoric question, that is, what would you expect of a white child brought up in such a society (with racial discrimination) to do. This is the same spirit created in the hearts of all Americans; thus their willingness to take action is defined by such thoughts.    If a white child is brought up to view the whites as regular friends and develop a little discrimination feature against the whites, then the same child, if employed as a police officer will extend the action while performing his or her civic duty.

People should not denigrate the issue of police brutality if they have not trained the society to influence a new culture free of racisms.  At the time when police brutality emerged, our forefathers were unable to solve the issue because of racial discrimination.   Now, 50 years down the line, we are unable to resolve the differences between American people, has also shown the inability to end the issue of police brutality. Even with the applications of the probable measures such as strict police scrutiny, police brutality will still have a strong influence in the society as a result of the intensified levels of discrimination. The community within which they exercise their civic roles has bounded them to behave biased while performing their duties.

According to Chaney & Robertson (2013), police brutality is even identified in countries with zero level of racial discrimination. But these countries are also formed with different forms of discrimination which influences the actions of police brutality. These nations have assumed regulating the power of police forces, and as a result, police officers are given much authority over the citizens. Also following the political system in these nations, especially in Africa continent, police are used as the outright channel that implements the brutal actions of the government and as a result, people have lived to fear the police force. As a result of power discriminations, such countries have faced police brutality.

The example gives a perfect reason for why police brutality exists in America. For Police brutality to exists, there must live a given level of discrimination between the police and the people.  Either the police force or the citizens must have the power to evade the implicated consequences that result from breaking the law once a given ac happens (Worden, 2015). American society culture is egalitarian, and it does not regard the power differences.   Moreover, American people are confident to stand for their rights since they are given freedom by the constitution.

The nature of police brutality that is exhibited in America is grounded in the social difference as a result of the influences of the culture. Police do not exercise cruelty with the confidence of being above the law, as shown in other countries, but with the unwilling expression of what their hearts are made of. If it is hatred for the blacks, a white police officer will brutally deal with an African American that he or she can deal with a white American.  As a result of the hatred, the members of the community will have formed prejudged opinions on a gen form of an actions.

The blame for police brutality should be based on those who constitute the America society.  Both the government and the Citizens are responsible for police brutality. When the government is employing efforts to train police officers, the community is also applying the new ways of training on racial discrimination. The major institutions of the government are adopting the prejudices inclusive of the police department.

As the leader’s actions, the employees of the company as well are imitating their behaviors.  As the society intensifies in race discrimination to the level of police brutality will increase (Holmes & Smith, 2008).  As the European Americans will be trained to disregard the African Americans, so it the same way of influence the white cop will exercise while performing civic duties. Therefore, the society has a greater influence on the social institutions formed within its jurisdiction.

The Human Rights Laws and the constitution have gone a long way in addressing many social concerns such as police brutality, but the America Citizens have got significant influence in determining the end of police brutality.  As a result of the teaching within the society, the hatred on racial identity has spread and as a result impacting the social institutions formed by the government such as police departments. Police are trained to serve all America with equality, and after the training, they are faced with a society that has valued the differences on racial lines. As a result, the police officers become brutal especially based on the basis of race.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the society as a whole to solve the issue of police brutality. Even through favorable measure have and will be developed to reduce police brutality, the primary force to positive results in the efforts to end police brutality in the society is the American society as a whole. The society encompassing the government, the people, and other operating institutions need to change their perception.

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