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Subject: Media
Pages: 4
Words: 1086
Rating: 4,8

Porn Harms Sad Losers

IntroductionAccording to the German researchers, the striatum of a human brain, which is connected with stimulus and reward reaction, is inversely correlated with their frequency of…

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Subject: Sociology
Pages: 8
Words: 2230
Rating: 4.6

A Critique of Catherine Mackinnon’s Arguments for Prohibiting Pornography

IntroductionThe proliferation of pornographic tendencies and materials in the society remains a critical challenge in various social constructions. Pornography has been criticised for perpetuating immoral tendencies…

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Subject: Technology
Pages: 7
Words: 2021
Rating: 4,8

Cybercrime laws

Compare and contrast Pennsylvania State cybercrime law to California State cybercrime laws, specifically focusing on electronic trespass, creation of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, stolen…

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Subject: Culture
Pages: 6
Words: 1388
Rating: 4,5

Persistent viewing of pornography leads to sex addiction

IntroductionAddiction refers to a condition whereby a body or brain must have stimuli. Lack of particular stimuli renders the party uncomfortable by possessing too much craving…

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Subject: Media
Pages: 4
Words: 898
Rating: 4,9

Openness of the web

The present web consists of open public zones as well as closed private zones. There are different opinions about keeping internet open or closed to all…

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Why Should You Write a Pornography Essay?

Writing a pornography research paper is an eye-opener that exposes the moral rot the internet revolution has accelerated. It exposes the commercialized sexual violence a few selfish men expose desperate women to.

Your pornography project reveals how greedy people use porn and sexual fantasy across different digital media formats to enrich themselves. It also educates readers about the long-term dangers of being a porn star and abusing one’s sexual abilities. It warns readers about the dangers of engaging multiple sexual partners as a commercialized art without real-life applications.

Drafting an argumentative paper exposing porn requires unrelenting courage because it faces resistance from porn-addicted readers.

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