Professional Training: Learn New Skills and Grow Professionally


Improvement Methodology

The following are ways in which the improvement can be achieved in the development and enhancement of staff in any firm. Professional training should be done to ensure a high rate of competence and good working. This allows the employees to improve their existing skills at work and provides the opportunity for professional growth and development at no extra cost for the employee (Barnard & Hannon, 2010).Despite the method having the pros, it has cons such as it can be a very expensive process to the firm and also the productivity can reduce as many employees are busy training.

Cross department training. The firm must ensure that each team develops overall so that the firm can also improve. This is achieved through cross-department training. For instance, some client’s questions can be answered by people from the different department in the case of absenteeism. Some of the advantages of these method are that it creates stability and flexibility among the staff. Although, the method creates competition and dissatisfaction among the employees as they perform one another role.

Personal development can also be used in staff development. The management should ensure that  the staff has intellectual growth, emotional balance, and physical balance. This would improve their morale during their working. The employees will feel supported. This method ensures that all the workers grow in different spheres and will work well towards the achieving goals.

The best method of staff improvement is Professional training because in a way it incorporates other methods in it. Personal development can be included in.Working staff will develop when they are taught new skills of working. They can serve the customers well. Furthermore, it impacts directly on personal development.

Information Technology

IT facilitates career planning and management discussion. Staff and their managers can have a conversation on the same platform discussing working issues. There is support career development portal that allows the employees to get more training through the technology (Bishop, Janczak, & Cahall, 2005). Learning paths are created. The employees can also build a profile portal that shows their broader qualifications and skills. This will expose capabilities that managers are interested in.

The application meant for career planning and management discussion is the best application for staff development and improvement. It allows a lot of discussion between the management and the other staff.  


Benchmarking is comparing of the business and performance matrix in any organization and best practices from a certain company. The management is supposed to identify the best firms then take its staff there for the purpose of improvement. It is a continuous event where a staff learns from others. There are three types of benchmarking namely performance benchmarking, process benchmarking and strategic benchmarking. In this area, I am looking at staff improvement and development; therefore, performance benchmarking will be discussed in details.

Benchmarking is used to measure and manage quality indicators such as production per unit measure, productivity measure and defects per unit measures. The quality indicators result into matrix performance that is used to compare different teams. For instance, in the health sector, this indicator can be measured for purposes of staff improvement and development. Whenever benchmarking occurs the health staff can compare the development and improvement process of a staff in a different big and good firm or health facility. After the benchmarking, they will go back with an aim of emulating what they learned for purposes of improvement.

Milestone is a project activity that is used to manage work effort, monitor results and report the meaningful output to the management or the project stakeholders. Milestones allow project managers to determine whether the project is on schedule or not. They mainly show a project on the critical part while ignoring the non-critical parts. The main indicators of the milestone are the input and the output.

Therefore in the staff improvement and staff development, the input and output indicators can be used. When the input is there expect more development in the staff. For instance when the staff is given a lot of incentives, taken to more capacity building conferences and given freedom to do what is best according to them at long last the management should expect high output.

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Mission, Vision, Strategic and Operating plans

The mission is a written declaration of a firm main business and activities that normally remains the same for a certain period of time. The mission is something to be accomplished by an organization (Scott, Jaffe, & Tobe, 1993). The quality measures are aligned with the mission of the organization in such a way that it communicates the intent and the direction of the company; it clearly states what the people or the market that is going to be served.In a nutshell, a mission is something to be accomplished.

In any organization a mission is important and it is aligned with the measures of performance in the following ways. The mission helps the workers to know the decision and task that are best aligned with the purpose of the firm. Mission also gives the staff the objective of the organization.Lastly, the mission allows the targeted population by the firm to know the role of the organization and have right expectations.

Vision is a statement that stipulates what an organization wants to be in a certain period. Therefore it is a clear and inspirational long-term change desired by the organization (Scott, Jaffe, & Tobe, 1993). It is supposed to have a time frame. Therefore the vision shows the future.

The vision of any organization majorly inspires the staff towards working for the intended goal at a certain period of time. For example, a vision of staff improvement and development can be; the desire to have the best staff in terms of development. Therefore a vision provides direction for any organization.

Strategic Plan of an Organization

This is a firm management activity that sets priorities, sets objectives and focuses on the resources to ensure that the staff and other stakeholders are working towards the same goals of the company.Most of these plans are always agreed but the management and the representatives of the staff (Grünig, Kühn, & Kühn, 2006). Therefore, this allows smooth working of the employees; because some of the strategic plans can be adjustments. 

In any organization, the strategic plan gives both overall direction and specific direction towards achieving certain goals. It gives the company the activities that will help achieve the objectives. The strategic goal of an organization outlines the measurable goals that are supposed to be achieved. There is a big relationship between strategic plan, vision and the mission of any organization. Most of the strategic plans are developed depending on the vision and the mission of the organization. To achieve maximum development of the staff all the strategic plans should be developed while considering the mission and vision of the firm in the wing of staff and employees. From the mission and the vision actionable tactics are developed.

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Challenges that Interfere Implementation of Quality Measures

Bad attitude

Poor management practice and lack of lack of high production in companies have contributed to bad and unhealthy attitudes towards implementation of the quality measure. A bad attitude can also be created by the notion that the management always feels to be right when creating the improvement measures.The views of the staff are not considered. 

Competitive markets

Competitive markets make other companies produce low-quality products for purposes of getting more customers at lower prices. Most of the companies assume that they can’t produce top quality goods because it is an expensive process .Therefore most companies produce low-quality goods rather than quality goods due to market competition.

Inadequate capital for excellence management  

Most companies give little funds towards implementation of quality measures while expecting higher output. Companies give a lot of attention on the profits production while neglecting production of the quality products and having the quality staff that is having the highest level of care.

Poor planning

Lack of good strategic plan contributes to ineffective worth improvement. This leads to high wastage of funds in implementing plans that are not worth and in the long run of the company gets losses.

Lack  of  measurement for quality improvement. 

Employees and the activities they perform are supposed to be monitored effectively. Most of the companies do not monitor the measures of improvement very well. Some of the measurement problems are caused by goals measured by past achievement without putting in mind the current producing factors.

Lack of human resource development.

Poor capacity building leads to resistance among the workers towards development measures. This is a larger contribution to resistance of the workers in any firm (Bennett, Hess, & Orthmann, n.d.). Lack of knowledge on the current ways of working might cost the organization.

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Strategies to Ensure Successful implementation of New Quality Measures

The firm should ensure that all the staff is updated on the ways of doing their work. This will be achieved through the management taking all the employees in capacity building seminars.All the strategic planning in any firm must be prepared in a way that ensures they are detailed and can be understood by any employee. Good planning will ensure that the cost of the operation does not go past the budgeted one.The quality improvement measures should be checked frequently to ensure that all the upgrading is done in the right way. Motivation and creativity should also be fostered to give employees confident.It can be achieved through allowing some of them to participate in the decision-making process of the company.

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