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Job interviews often ask a number of questions in an attempt to understand the person that they are looking to recruit. The recruiters ask questions that are geared towards ensuring that the person recruited for the job has the right skills and character to perform the job well. Some of the questions and responses that could be asked are listed below.

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Being a nurse has its own challenges, what is difficult in nursing for you?

Being a nurse is a great calling which involves a lot of interactions with people and the patients in the hospital. Therefore, it sometimes gets challenging when the shift is over and one has to leave for home due to the attachment that has been formed with the patient. This more so becomes a challenge since ensuring the well-being of patients is a very vital part of a nurse. However, like other challenges, there can be solutions. The solution, in this case, is to ensure that before leaving the hospital, one ensures that the patients have all been taken care of and the person taking over gets all the data that they could need in taking care of the patients.

The other difficult thing that one can face as a nurse is in instances where one is having an unsatisfied patient that is in a lot of pain. To tackle this, one should communicate with the attending physician on the level of pain and comfort that one is facing. In instances where the patient does not effectively communicate to the doctor, the nurse can fill up this gap and ensure that the doctor understands the situation at hand.

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While working, would you rather work in a team or as an individual?

Working as a team and as an individual is balanced. This is because it depends on the given situation that a nurse is faced with. Being part of a team is exciting, fun and one can learn a lot. However, there is certain situation in which working individually can benefit the patient and the hospital. Nursing in a hospital though is more of team work this will ensure that the hospital is much more productive.

How would you handle a patient who complains constantly of pain?

When a person is in pain it would mean that there is something that is not right with them. It is important to listen well to the patient and understand the problem that they are having. However, one should liaise with the attending doctor on the cries of the patient so as to find the most effective and efficient way to calm the patient.

It is important for the patient to know that they are being given the best treatment by the doctors to help calm down. So, one can do this by letting the patients know that they are being attended to by the best doctors and that they are doing all that they possibly can to ensure their well-being(Yeom, Ahn& Kim, 2016). When the patient has the thought that they are receiving the best, they are likely to be more relaxed hence, reduced complaints.

Ways in which you could prepare for the interview to make the most positive impression

When preparing for an interview, it is important to make a good first impression. This is always assessed from the moment one enters the interview room and meets the interviewers. It is important to practice. Practice on previously asked interview questions and learn on how you can answer them. This will likely build an individual’s confidence. It is important to wear an appropriate attire to make a positive impression. What you will wear will speak a lot about you. It is, therefore, important for one to dress the part. To make a positive impression, it is important to find out a little bit more about the organization that is recruiting. This will indicate how prepared and interested you are for the job. To make a positive impression, it is important to review the job posting that was advertised. This can come in handy in understanding what the employers were looking for in their interviewees. It is also important to wear a smile, be confident, and show enthusiasm to the interviewer.

Describe what you would wear and what material you would bring with you

It is important to wear the right attire to the interview. Wearing a nicely tailored and well-ironed suit would be preferred to one wearing scrubs. For entry level nursing position, men can be allowed to wear a tie and shirt or a skirt and blouse for the ladies. However, those applying for management level should not wear anything less than a tailored suit (Ivancevich&Konopaske, 2013). On top of the dress code, one should ensure that they appear neat from head to toe and choose neutral colors for the interview.

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Handling Unethical Cases

Ethical codes are guidelines that are used by individuals practicing nursing to shape the behavior of the nurses and to know of the things that are accepted or not. Lindsey’s behavior in the ICU is quite unethical and appropriate action should be taken. For nurses, loyalty first is to the patient therefore it is a nurse’s responsibility to take care of the patient (BarCharts& Henry., 2013). Taking the patients medication is ethically wrong. It is therefore important to address the problem with the nursing manager.

There are consequences associated with failing to do anything when a fellow nurse is doing what is ethically wrong. One of the core principles of nurses is “do no harm”. Therefore, if a nurse takes prescription medicine for the patients, the patients are likely to be in harm’s way and become fatal or even die. It is therefore important to ensure that the misbehavior is corrected so that it does not recur to other patients.

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