Progress Report on Disposing of Old Computers

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The purpose of this report is to highlight the progress made regarding the research on the issue of disposing of old computers. The research is geared around the assessment of how old computers are to be disposed of without harming the environment whether directly or indirectly. The report provides information on how Writing Lab under the proposed approaches towards disposing of its old and worn out computers is carrying on with the process.


Following a directive by Cassie Cross to research how old and worn out computers at Writing Lab are being disposed and whether there are sustainable ways of carrying out the process, a plan for the project was laid out in a bid to realize appropriate results. The plan included the drafting of a proposal report for the research, a progress report and a recommendation report. It is of note that at this moment, the first part of the proposal report was finished and the results were approved by the client. The research is currently on schedule with a recommendation report soon to follow as indicated in the proposal report. 

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The client Cassie Cross had asked to investigate disposal techniques of old and worn out computers at the Writing lab and whether better sustainable methods of doing the same could be achieved in a bid to save the environment. 

Writing Lab exposes many users to technology as many use the computers in the lab for research and other internet related surfing. According to Mohite (2013), the technological application of these gadgets is increasing by the day but so is their risk regarding the dumping of old computers. If dumping is not handled carefully, worn out or old computers may end up polluting the environment which in return could affect unsuspecting users. When dumped in open air, these computers end up releasing chemical substances like lead and mercury into the soil (Kantra, 2016). Furthermore, when dumped in open air, some of these old and worn out computers end up in waste lands where they end up exposing people to radioactive radiations along with many other harmful elements (Saphores and milovantseva, 2013). As a result, it is safe that institutions and any other entries that look to dispose of such computers to look out for better ways to do so that would not end up harming the environment (Martin, 2014).

The research hence is set to investigate ways in which old computers are being disposed at Writing Lab and find out whether there are better environmental friendly methods to do so. So far, the research into this subject has been a success and so only waiting on recommendations that could solve any shortcomings found.

Results of the tasks 

The results of the tasks completed, 1 and 2 can be found below as well as a discussion of any additional tasks that are necessary for the completion of the project.

Task 1. To assess how old computers are being disposed of. 

Writing lab just like any other such entry is faced with the responsibility to dispose old and worn out computers and replace them with new ones. Disposing of old computers as seen earlier is quite a challenge especially if not handled in the right manner. Writing Lab, for instance, does donate some of its old computers to neighboring schools. The computers donated are usually sound and working although not well up to the standards of the Writing Lab. As a result, it is usually thought of as a kind gesture to donate them instead of stashing them. It was also realized that the lab had had several computers that were out of service and since they could not work, these machines were heaped in what the lab calls a ‘fossil corner.’ This corner is just behind the lab, and it was evident from the research that there was quite a heap of computer junk that was disposed of there.

Task 2. To investigate whether the methods used were eco-friendly

From the research, the writing lab has been seen to employ two ways of disposing of old and worn-out computers.; donating them and heaping the non-functional ones in a ‘fossil corner.’ Both methods are two ways of being environmentally friendly since donating old computers to a place where they could still be used can be seen to be a safe way of disposing of the machines. This method is environmentally friendly as it subjects the machines to further use instead of just letting them idle and risking the environment as a result. The other method where the worn out computers are disposed just behind the writing lab is however not eco-friendly. Since they are exposed to the earth, it is possible that toxic agents from the machines are sipped into the ground and swept away by rain water hence endangering both the environment and its occupants.

Work schedule

Task Date of Task (Weeks )
July July/August August
Task 1. To assess how the obsolete computers  are being disposed
Task 2. To investigate whether the methods being used are eco-friendly
Task 3. Presentation of the progress report
Task 4. Writing of a recommendation report on findings of the research
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Tasks 1 and 2 have successfully been completed, and the progress report is being drafted in readiness for presentation. As such, the research can be said to be on schedule and that all tasks are expected to be finalized by August 23 which is the deadline. An understanding of the various ways computers are disposed at Writing Lab was realized and all results documented. After approval of the progress report, the project is expected to move into its final stage where a feasible recommendation report shall be prepared.

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