Condemning climate change skeptics targeting various teachers in institutions



Climatic changes have been a major issue for consideration in the various years. This study will be aimed towards analyzing the issues of climatic change and desisting of the human role in climatic changes according to how heartland institute. The information is obtained mainly from the PBS frontline web page on similar articles relating to climatic change in the society.  The recommendations of the research are waiting until they are fully ascertained and agreed upon in order to be introduced into the curriculum.


Most of the climate change skeptics have been able to email teachers on various contents concerning climatic change. The contents have brought a lot of problems in the curriculum especially for the teachers who believe in science. The articles depict that the issues of climatic change are usually a hoax and it does not exist.  Heartland Institute is the one sending the messages refusing the human role in global warming in the world and that has brought a lot of stirs.

Summary of the documentary

Heartland Institute has been able to send various documents to various teachers concerning climate changes. According to democrats in an article published by Worth, this issue has been condemned but the form has been adamant because it does not want to stop sending the documents (WORTH).  Other leaders have been free on this issue because they argue that just as the climatic change advocates publish their papers, the anti-climate change initiative has the same rights.  Feeding the children with different knowledge concerning global warming and climate change has been the major issue bringing all the problems and therefore they have urged that to stop.  The articles talk more about the human role in global warming and they have desisted the human role in global warming. The materials are sent in terms of visual DVDs and also in terms of books published by the heartland institute concerning climatic change. The teachers have not set curriculum on the ways of handling climatic change and therefore, it is recommended to use those materials but they have not used them because they are against the morals they have always taught the children concerning climatic changes.

Analysis of issues in the article

The issue under analysis affects the society generally and also people’s thoughts concerning climatic change because there is a general believe in the soviet that climatic change is real and it is going to happen. Also, the humans are emphasized as some of the contributors to climatic changes (CHILDRESS). The book and the DVD are against the societal beliefs and this makes them be sidelined by the majority of the teachers in building up the curriculum. Most teachers and people who believe in science might not be able to look at the publications twice because they are against the principles they have always believed in the society.

There are various solutions proposed in order to solve this issue. Some of the solutions implemented by the teachers are avoiding to use the materials and keeping them until they are fully ascertained.  Another solution is creating a debate in congress in order to improve the climatic change issues in the society and avoid using the materials. Other teachers may have solutions such as using the materials as backups of the curriculum. However, the only option to solve this issue will be waiting until they are fully ascertained and agreed upon in order to be introduced into the curriculum.

There are various researches done in addressing issues of climatic changes. According to an article published by  Sarah for the frontline,  the climatic change issues and politics of climatic change has been discussed starting on the various ways how it began and how it is in the world today. This helps in opening up the societies concerns about climatic issues and their changes according to the research (SARAH). In another article posted in the frontline written by Catherine Upin and John Hockenberry, the issue of climatic change has been addressed through a conversation. In the conversation, the target groups and how they have contributed to the various climatic issues and the climate of doubt has been addressed through the conversation (Hockenberry).


The science of global warming has been researched by a lot of people and some of them have taken the issue to be a hoax. President trump has been on the frontline naming the climatic changes as a hoax and misinformation to the various people in the society. Therefore, this study has been able to address the various issues raised by the anti-climatic change groups like the lack of human involvement in climatic changed. They argue that the human involvement cannot bring any change in the society. With the analysis of the articles, it is clear that the world is changing and people have started coming up with other theories explaining climatic change and that can affect everything in the world.

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