Public Administration Expository Essay


Public administration concerns the implementation of governmental policies and the preparation of the civil servants to ensure relevant workforce in the public service sector. Therefore, the concept of public administration in the education sector is aimed at improving the competencies of the public servants hence it plays a primary role in the implementation of policies to improve quality of the public service. Public administration in the United States has been influential in the improvement and access to education to the African American women especially in obtaining college education (Anyon, 2014). During the Obama administration, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) policy was developed to improve the involvement of African Americans in education and increase diversity as well as ensure meeting the US workforce needs. 

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The STEM policy has been influential in improving the number of African American women enrolling in technical courses in the United States (Denson et al., 2015). Furthermore, through the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, the African American Women Lead (AfAmWomenLead) was created to ensure the sustainability, safety, and support for the African American women from preschool through college completion particularly in STEM courses (Order, 2012). The investment placed on the education of the African American women by the public administration of the United States are responsible improved learning and workforce opportunities experienced by the African American women today. Furthermore, the United States public administration is responsible for the development and provision of financial aid to African American women through the United Negro College Fund to ensure effective completion of college education among the women. 

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