Qualitative Research

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Type: Proposal Essay
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Topics: High School, Academic Interests, Academic Success, Management

What is the curriculum committee role and process regarding making decisions on college and university courses which end up shaping a graduates career?

A statement defending the question

The question mainly focuses on the explanation of the process and function played by the committee tasked with curriculum development in both university and college courses. The question is aimed to provide insight on the opinions, motivations, and reasons as encountered by the curriculum committee when developing courses. As Silverman (2016), describes qualitative research, the question is expected to provide a deeper understanding and meaning of the nature of the curriculum committee work in course development.

As part of an inductive process, it has been observed that most students who have graduated from university and colleges have ended up doing jobs which are unrelated to the course they pursued in university or college (pewsocialtrends.org, 2014; O’Shaughnessy, 2013; Pascarella&Terenzini, 2005; Pfeffer& Fong, 2002). It is from the same context that the research question is aimed to establish the underlying reasons for the change in the career of university and college student. 

 The research question as part of a descriptive procedure is expected to generate data from various university stakeholders in college and university, graduates and different employers. Interviews techniques will be the primary form of data collection. Observation and survey will also be useful as recommended by Ott and Longnecker, (2015). The large volume of data will then be analyzed to draw the conclusion, and by doing so, it will answer the research question. 

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