Reacting to feedback



During our daily work, we encounter instances of correction and rebuke from employers for our failed undertakings, or mistakes. For example, during my internship at McDonald’s, I was called by the branch manager in his office to receive my monthly reports. He first appreciated my job and then highlighted the weaknesses I had presented in that period. This caught me as a surprise since I had considered that month as one of my best performed period in my time at McDonald’s. However, this incidence became one of my reflective turn point, which has helped me grow as a professional. My first reaction was an expression of disappointment, which later I figured out that it was relevant and applied it positively to advance my career and service delivery.

Response 1

Thanks, Shan Su for sharing your experience. If I were in your position, I would have noticed this problem before it got out of hand, and restrained myself to my line of duty in the organization (Linda, 2011). This would have avoided the reprimand and low performance in the primary task in the firm.

Response 2

Sifan’s case presents a perfect example of how consultations can have positive impacts on an individual’s view of life and morale. Hence, after raising the concern with the professor, he took the monkey to himself and tried to arrange meetings to try and solve the problem. After that, through the advice given, the “monkey” then went back to Sifan (Oncken & Wass, 1999). Hence, this shows delegation of problems between the two participants. If I were in the case of Sifan, I would have engaged my peers through active communication to help boost my confidence. This presents a more viable method to boost morale and actively associate with my colleagues in class.

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