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Social network platforms are having an increase in influence in how we live today. Personally, social networks help in different spheres of life. I am able to access news real-time from the comfort of my bed (Briscoe, 2011). I am also able to connect with family and friends from both local and in distant places. I have been able to make friends both within and outside the country. This gives me an international view and perspective on issues affecting other people from all over the world. Social networks have also helped in my shopping. With companies advertising their services and products on these platforms it has shaped my shopping behavior.

From my perspective, social networks come with a hoard of pros and cons. On the positive side, it enables people to connect with others all over the world, enable instantaneous communication, facilitate real-time access to information, offers great opportunities to a business owner who has the platform to advertise their products and services, and provide enjoyment. On the downside, social networks provide a lot of information confusing its users in the process. It also leads to cyberbullying, which is costing a lot of life to the young people (Moreau, 2018). It has also led to privacy issues as hackers can access personal and financial information of online clients. It has also led to disruption in normal lifestyle and sleeping patterns especially kids.

In a bid to analyze the extent of the reach of social media companies have turned to social media aggregators like even though this method is effective and gives an overall view of the reach of social media it has its own downsides because of the many variables involved in its implementation.

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