Reflection Essay on Carl Roger’s Writings

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Type: Reflective Essay
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Carl Rogers (1902-1987) was an American psychotherapist who developed the concept of client-centred psychotherapy also known as non-directive therapy. He is considered to be a pioneer in developing psychotherapy. The person-centered approach to psychotherapy is about an unconditional acceptance between client and the counselor. (McMillan, 2004)

The theory is based on the system and ideas that challenge the medical model and also the idea that the therapist is an expert. In essence, it operates on the idea that places the patient at the center and also the family. (Wilkins, 2016)

Further, this theory is based on key tenets such as the psychological need, for example, oxygen, sexual expression and avoiding of pain. Secondly, safety and security, love and belonging and lastly self-actualization. Rodgers emphasized on self-actualization meaning the urge inherent in human beings to grown and attains their highest potential. (McMillan, 2004)

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Upon reading the various writing of Carl Rogers most specifically on client-centred psychotherapy I have been able to understand that a counselor should allow the client to find their own internal conclusions on many issues. Also, the counselor should be concerned and genuine about the patient and that he should show a lot of care. 

Further, I was able to understand the integral part client-centered therapy is assisting the clients to come to their own conclusions. This is to say, that the clients have been given the power to be the problem solvers. This enables the client to understand their problems and suggest the possible solutions.

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