Services, Platforms and Protocols of Cloud Computing

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Google Company was formed in 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin with its original locations in San Jose, California (USA).  Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. Google offers a range of internet services ranging from cloud computing, electronic mail, search engines and social networking sites. It subsidiaries include YouTube, Google+, Hangouts, Gmail and Google Drive. 

A major service offered by Google Company is cloud computing.  Cloud computing involves using networks to store, manage, process and share resources. Cloud computing should offer services for instance infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). IaaS is a cloud computing service that enables sharing virtual computing resources such as servers and computer hardware over the internet (Rittinghouse et al., 2016). PaaS refers to a service that enables cloud computing customers to design and deploy application without any difficulty. SaaS is a service where software application is hosted in the cloud and are made accessible to the customers over the internet. Protocols used in cloud computing include TCP and IP protocols. TCP protocol facilitates transportation packets from one network device to another. IP protocol governs how packets are transmitted.

There are services that should be offered with cloud computing which include storage of large data that is accessible over the internet to customers, sharing of resources such as database, software application and other computer resources that are centrally located but need to be accessed remotely. The benefit of using services offered with cloud computing is that it is cheaper to store data in the cloud than acquiring servers to store the data. Also cloud computing offers large storage space. Cloud computing faces various risks i.e. security risk which include industrial espionage and eaves dropping. Which raise question about the privacy of the data kept in the cloud. Network failure forms another risk since if the network fails the cloud computing services will not be available to the customer (Hashem et al., 2015).

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