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Recently, there have been frequent mass shooting cases in the schools and public places even though there are gun legislation. The phenomenon is propagated by the right of a citizen to acquire a firearm in the United States. The efforts of the security officers to protect citizens particularly the students have been found wanting after the shooting in Florida on February 2018. Losing the lives of a young people is painful. It provoked the mind of citizen and the government to a point where President Donald Trump suggested that teachers should be given firearm (Short, 2018). This essay support the idea that teachers should be given guns and be with them in school for the purpose of personal and student safety.

It is the right of an American citizen to acquire a firearm legally. Rossi, in his book focuses on the how the firearms are dangerous when they are bad hands (Rossi, 2017). The author describes how the constitutional right has shaped and defined gun violence culture. The right enacted and implemented by the government was meant to protect the lives of the citizens. However, the right is abused; some are acquiring arms illegally while other predisposes to people who are not legible.

Rossi resource supports the idea that teachers should be given firearms  (Rossi, 2017).  Taking a consideration that teachers are also citizens, it automatically means that they have a right to possess the firearm and thus it is not illegal or immoral. The right of acquiring a firearm by a legitimate citizen advocates for firearm possessing  and be with them in learning institutions even though one of the firearm Act prohibits. Surprisingly, gun shooting in U.S is higher than in Afghanistan. Therefore, teachers should be armed with guns because it is their right and have them in school to protect the innocent children. The pain of losing the loved ones is unbearable; the burden overwhelms the families of the victim and therefore to reduce the cases of the mass shooting in schools is by allowing teachers to have guns at schools.

Teachers are bestowed the divine responsibility to educate, refine the character and importantly to ensure their pupils are safe at all time while in school. In other words, they are like “gods” to the kids because pupil’s eyes are constant on them. Teachers with aid of the administration should ensure that the children are not harmed in any way. Mitchell and other authors discuss in the book on the degree of relationship between the teacher and the student (Mitchell, 2018). The relationship is defined as two-way traffic; meaning both of them are dependent to each other. The author’s comment on trust which makes the bond stronger.

Moreover, the source finding confirms that the student trust their teachers on safety. Rationalizing as to whether the teachers should be given firearm; the source outlines it clearly that student trusts their teacher on safety. If it is so, what could happen if the trusted teachers, betray the student at any point? The trust overburdens on the responsibility of the teacher to take an extra-mile step- providing safety. It would not be a bad idea to provide a firearm to teachers when they are at school. In this case, the teacher is as a formal educator, moral edifier, and protector. The added responsibility leads to the suggestion that teachers need a token to motivate them as proposed by President Trump.

The mass shootings are significantly increasing in the United States like fire in the jungle. The attack at parkland prompted to a realization that safety measures are to be considered. David King in his book, records what took place after the scenario at Parklands (King, 2018, p. 127). A gun ranger in Minnesota decided to open a free fire range lesson. The range did not consider a loss because he was compassionate to help people. The training was meant for particular people: those who in the education system. The owner states that he expected a few people to respond- at least thirty students.

The numbers increased as the days went by. Nearly more than four hundred teachers responded by enrolling in the short course. The source depict that teachers are acquainted with the safety of their learners. The ranger did not expect such a group to apply for the course at first. His expectations at some point underestimated the willingness of the teachers to learn how to use a gun. But his plan is fulfilled by loyal teachers. Indeed, the source is evidence that the teacher needs firearm while they are working. Furthermore, they have the skills and bravery to face an adversary who may compromise the lives of students.

Mass shooting phenomenon is a common experience in the United States. Teachers need to have procedure and skill to survive during such occurrence. A fascinating author known as John Matthew records important aspects or the procedures during an attack naming them the six step to surviveing (Matthews, 2014, p. 418). He records massacre in the school where Feinstein tries to call to the school office and 911, but she is unable to connect. She thinks what next step to take, and finally she decides to hide the pupils in the cupboard. For more than forty minutes she hides with children before the security officers arrive. The author express the two-third hour as equal to a day.

During a mass shooting, survival tactics are helpful because they save someone life. The event in the massacre shows that there is no room for fear; a bold step needs to be taken by the teachers to save the life of children. The source addresses the responsibility and the role they have in children safety. The steps for surviving include confronting the enemy. The action is accompanied with a weapon since the adversary uses a firearm. For that long period hiding before the police arrive was enough time to kill a significant number people perhaps the whole school. If every teacher poses a gun, it is easier to confront enemies, but if they do not have them they definitely loose. Therefore, the teachers ought to have and use guns to survive in such situation.

Records are taken for every attack with terrible exactness. The government in conjunction with Department of Education officials published a report on findings on school safety initiative (Vossekuil, 2004 ). The report records attacks that ever took place before the year 2002. Many of the attacks are shocking when read, they are like a horror movie. The report introduction states that there are no solutions to the problem, but the report helps to suggest ideas on minimizing the mass shooting in the learning institutions.

The reports critically analyze on characterizing the incidence, characteristics of the attack, findings of initiative and implication. The report is resourceful to the government in suggesting the policies that protect pupils at the learning centers. Assuming the government places the safety measures in case of an attack, there is a concerned about the role of the teachers. There is a need that teachers ought to have firearms to in school, and this is a reasonable recommendation of the report.

There is a great concern on masculinity in Early Childhood Development (ECD). Men are like powerful weapon that protects and therefore they stand a chance working in elementary schools. In the year 2012 December twenty-six people were killed among them teachers and kids about the age of six were killed by a sole gunman. The authors are concerned what could be the case if there were enough men in the school? They conclude that male teachers are security representing figure (Simon Brownhill, 2015). Besides, they point out that the male teachers need to be trained thus to have the skill to protect the children.

Typically, men are brave; they can confront an adverse in an attack. The attack in 2012 carried by sole gunman could be interrupted if there were several men armed with firearms. Sacrifice could have minimized the number of death in the ECD learning center. The whole matter concludes that male teachers provides security in the elementary schools compared to females. Therefore, this is a justification that tutors need to acquire firearms to execute their mandate as expected.

In conclusion, the six sources depict the relation and the role that teachers have to protect their pupils. The mass shooting in the country is occurring in school making the learners vulnerable to injuries and even deaths. It is painful to mourn the death of young person bearing in mind that teachers with the aid of firearms can distort the attacks. All the sources above support the idea of teacher’s acquisition of the firearm. It is evident from the reaction of teachers after the recent mass shooting in Florida that they are ready to learn to the skill to fire the gun for protection. Therefore, teachers are also citizens who has a right to own a gun, and due to personal and school attacks, they desperately need them and use them in school when necessary.

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