Social and Cultural Diversity



In an ideal world, issues of social and cultural diversity would not exist. However, these issues are clearly evident in the contemporary world as people of varied cultures, demographics, religions, gender, disabilities, ethnicities and backgrounds interact. The world is full of inequality where social and cultural challenges are countless. People from diverse cultural background end up being involved in discriminatory cases and this consequently affect relationships among people of diverse races.

Definition of Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is accomplished when services, programs, governance, and activities engage people of diverse cultures, ethnicities, religions, ages, gender, disabilities, religions, and backgrounds interact at multiple levels (Crisp & Turner, 2011). Individuals are not immune to biases regarding issues in social and cultural diversity.

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  1.  Differences in social and cultural values and perceptions among members of different groups. People from different backgrounds have different perceptions and values regarding social and cultural diversity (Chryssochoou, 2004). Relationship and the level of exposure of different societies define social and cultural values.
  2.  Impact of social and cultural diversity in the society. Social and cultural diversity impact people from different races diversely. Ethnic groups experience discrimination and racism. The status of minority groups in various parts of the world
  3. Understanding of various concepts such as racism and discrimination. Racism and discrimination impact the lives of different people. Social and cultural diversity lead to cultural pluralism as people practice different lifestyle and values (Hannerz, 1992).


To conclude, there are numerous factors that contribute to social and cultural diversity such as biases, racial, prejudices and discrimination. Examining the various factors that directly contribute to cultural diversity will help in understanding how people can live together and overcome obstacles. Additionally, there is clear understanding of the specific stereotypes towards other people of diversity. The level of social knowledge exhibited by individuals affect the issues of social and cultural diversity.

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