Southern Reconstruction

Subject: American History
Type: Informative Essay
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Topics: Civil War, Democracy, Identity, Reconstruction

The success of the South was highly depended on the commitment of its people to oversee economic progress. This was achieved by the investment in critical projects that opened up the area. The major reforms in governance created more openness, an aspect that contributed to the success of the region. This paper will therefore, discuss in details the changes that could have happened if the Northern had sustained its commitment to reform the South.

If the Northern could have been responsible for the reforms in the south, this could have happened based on the parameters of growth that were there in the North. As a result, the growth of the South could have only matched that of the North and not supersede the success that was experienced by those in the Northern part. For instance, building of railways and industries could not have been made possible with the control of the north. However, the independence which made the South champion its own path enabled it to develop projects that fitted the interests of the local population. This saw the region develop faster than the North.

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If the Northern public had sustained its commitment towards the South, the development could have been based on economic activities such as sugar cane farming that were established in the North. Therefore, industrial growth could have been limited. In addition, civil rights that were allowed by the white Redeemers could not have been enjoyed by the Slaves. Therefore, besides the economic development, social progress could have been curtailed by the ideologies of the Northern people. Furthermore, they could have continued to enslave people. However, the decision by the white Redeemers to focus on mechanization and industrial development changed the scope of development in the area. This also influenced the northern to change their perspective on slavery.

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