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Remote Sensing

Remote sensing has a wide scope of application from the field of Agriculture, geography, land survey, glaciology to oceanography. Remote sensing is also applicable in planning,…

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Subject: Political
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The Nature of Space Treaties, Principles, and Declarations on the…

AbstractThis study elaborates on the historic as well as currently ongoing changes in the international laws guiding military activities in the outer space. It bases on…

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Subject: Science
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Astronomy Personal Narrative Essays

Looking back through the various chapters of my experiences that shaped what seems to be the single most important mission humankind has ever had to undertake;…

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Mission to Mars

IntroductionMars has been on the minds of many explorers and non-specialists for a very long time. It has even featured greatly in pop culture through films…

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Space race and the cold war

The space race was one of the competitions that emerged between the United States of America and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The two…

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Nanotechnology in solar cells

AbstractPhotovoltaic technology is relatively the most reliable source of energy in which fluctuations in power output stability is minimal. As a result, they are likely to…

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NASA and Mars

On April 21, 2008, while he was speaking during for NASA’s 50th Anniversary lecture series at George Washington University, Stephen Hawking, a famed astrophysicist stated that…

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Space exploration can be defined as the study of outer space using a sophisticated space shuttle. Astronauts are professionals who conduct exploration, and NASA, an independent agency in the United States of America, has reported huge strides in this sphere. For instance, the first man to land on the moon was a NASA astronaut. Moreover, Elon Musk, a popular name in space exploration, owns SpaceX, a company that manufactures and launches advanced rockets into space.

Many people wonder if there is life on other planets besides earth. Recent essays on space exploration show that NASA sent three exploration devices to Mars and found evidence of ancient waves.

The main reason for writing papers on this topic is to understand this sphere of human activity. For instance, you can compose an “importance of space exploration” essay to clarify why humankind is so fascinated about finding other life forms. Besides, learners may get to know more about the solar system, the planet, and scientific knowledge of the universal bodies.

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