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Briefly, Describe the Sustainability Plans You Selected

The sustainability plan in Northampton County, Virginia regards sustainable economic development effort. The county, which is one of the poorest in Virginia, came up with a plan to protect the coastal habitat as well as foster economic development. Among the things that were to be developed by a task force created for the project include the promotion of the heritage tourism industry while at the same time protecting cultural and natural assets, the development of the seafood industry while protecting the water quality and the development of an eco-industrial park.

The second sustainability plan is for Seattle city where there was a plan to address its urban problems most notably urban sprawl. Among the things the policy-makers came up with was to enable sustainability-enhancing decision making where the decision makers had to come up with holistic choices that could be used for the future generation (Rand Corporation, 2017). In addition, according to the decision makers of Seattle city, a sustainable city is the one that could thrive without compromising on the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

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Compare (similarities and differences) the Sustainability Plans in Terms of how they take into Account the Environment, the Economy, and Society

The sustainability plan of Northampton County and that of Seattle city are similar with regard to environmental protection in that the projects were to protect the habitat around the coast and the city of Seattle respectively. Through protecting the coastal habitat, the county of Northampton was to achieve economic development through the creation of research and teaching facilities, the development of the agriculture industry while protecting productive land, and the creation of various industries around the county (Northampton Borough Council, 2017). In Seattle, the city wants to create a clean city by the collection and recycling of solid waste, the use of renewable resources and the monitoring of fuel consumption and miles traveled (Seattle Gov, 2017). Through this initiatives, the two regions aim to achieve sustainability through the involvement of local communities in the project.

Economic development could be achieved in the two regions through the development of various industries. For example, in the county of Northampton, the development of the agriculture, seafood, aquaculture, and the heritage tourism industry will foster economic development through the creation of employment opportunities (Moore, 2014). In Seattle, the city, as well as one of the Boeing, have an agreement for the company to use waste from a sewer trunk line. This initiative will save on both the cost of heating and equipment.

Through the creation of this sustainability plans, the community will benefit from the creation of employment opportunities, the development of the areas, and the empowerment of the people in the society near the two regions.

The sustainability regions in the two regions are different in terms of the success and locality as the sustainability plan in Northampton will likely succeed at a fast rate as compared to the city of Seattle. This is possible because there are many problems in the city such as homelessness and traffic congestion as compared to the county of Northampton.

Explain at least one Insight you Gained or Conclusion you Drew about Sustainability Plans as a Result of your Comparison.

From the comparison of the regions, I found out that when people of a community are involved in a certain project that regards the development of their area, then they will work together with the policymakers to make it a success. Through the efforts of the leaders and the locals of both the county of Northampton and the city of Seattle, the two areas could make advancements with regard to economic development at a faster rate as compared to areas that do not include the local community.

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